Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Inca Trail: Days 1 & 2

So while I was in Peru, the big event was that I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu.  It was about 30 miles and it took us 4 days.

Day 1 started off nice and easy, with a gradual gain in elevation.  Because we were lower, we saw a lot of local people along the way.

Where we started at kilometer 82 along the Urubamba River

My "Inca Family"

We thought this was hard.  Our guide laughed and said this was just the "warm up."  We later understood why he laughed :/

In the first half of Day 1 we got to see these beautiful ruins

Coca leaf tea served with lunch

Post lunch siesta

I did not end up taking any pictures the afternoon of Day 1 because it was so awful.  It was absolutely gorgeous, but strait up for hours.  None of us were used to the altitude yet and we all thought we were going to die haha.  It started raining near the end of the day so we were VERY happy to reach our tents and be done with Day 1.  They brought us tea and popcorn in our tents to snack on before dinner.  All of us inhaled them and agreed that crackers and popcorn never tasted SO good!!

Our campsite 

Dining facilities.  Our chef was AMAZING.  The best food I had in Peru was on the hike.

Morning of Day 2- pretty great view to wake up to, no?

Our group and our AMAZING porters

Day 2 is supposed to be the hardest because you summit the highest pass (14,000ft), go down, summit a second pass and then go down again before you reach camp.  It was BRUTAL.  However, after sleeping at elevation the first night, we all felt so much better and agreed that the afternoon of Day 1 was definitely the hardest.
Me nearing the top of the first pass.

We started down in that hole and you can see the trail we walked up.

My pals and I at the top!

Our whole group at the top

And then we went down, down, down

and then back up, up, up

At the end of Day 2 it started raining again and it ended up becoming torrential downpour the rest of the night.

We got to visit more ruins along the way

Next I will post about Days 3 and 4 (and Machu Pichu).  


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I wanna goooo! Looks like such an amazing trip!

Cara said...

So amazing!! I still can't believe you did this!

From Foothills to Fog said...

This is so amazing! I need to do this at some point in my life! What a wonderful experience! Good job, friend!

Valerie said...

This looks breath taking! I'm loving these photos. So inspiring xx

ShelbyJo said...

Thanks for sharing. So amazing!