Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Review

This weekend I went home to LA to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. 

Friday I went to dinner and a movie w my dad. We saw Lone Survivor, which was amazing!! And it definitely doesn't hurt that the oh so hot Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) is one of the main characters!

Saturday I hung out with dad and then went out with friends. We got our nails done, went to dinner at a fun Morrocan restaurant and then went out. 

Sunday we posted up at a bar starting at 11am to watch both the playoff games. It was a crushing loss for us but it was great to spend the while day with good friends!

Since Seattle won, I will definitely be rooting for a win for the Broncos! My sweet godson will be too! How could you not take sides with this little guy!?.....

And since I'm the only person who has to work today, off to work I go!!


Cara said...

Crushing loss? That is definitely an understatement. That game was a disappointment as far as reffing goes. Seriously Seattle won on a technicality of a TD when they shouldn't have even have had the ball. I have never cared about football ever, and for some reason I was SO into that game yesterday and upset about it today. Ugh. Glad you had a fun weekend! See you Thursday :)

Brittany said...

Looks like a really fun weekend!


ShelbyJo said...

Go Broncos!! :)

christie said...

wait, what? tim riggins is in lone survivor? totally going to go see that now!! thanks for the heads up! oh and happy birthday.


Nicole Marie said...

fun weekend! the weather was so nice huh!