Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I don't often talk about my job here.  This is partly because a lot of what I do is protected by confidentiality and I can't.  It is also because most of the good stories revolve around someone yelling at me and I don't want to re-live them.

There are many aspects of my job I don't like- the first and foremost is arguing with people.  I hate that sometimes it is my job to get other people in trouble.  Other times, I catch people lying and I get them in trouble and I enjoy that, but I don't like that I enjoy it.  It feels wrong to enjoy other peoples' pain, even if they may have brought it upon themselves.

Other aspects of my job are very gratifying.  For instance, this week I settled a high value case for a big company.  It feels good to know that much trust is placed in my hands and even more, that I am capable of negotiating big settlements.  It feels good to write briefs for the Court of Appeals and win.  It feels good to take a deposition and get an expert witness to change his/her opinion.  It feels good to have spent 3 years learning to be a lawyer and to finally feel like one.

Ultimately, the thing I like most about my job though are my co-workers.  Through this job I have met 5 beautiful, smart, independent and talented women.  These women are so much more than co-workers.  We are true friends.  To celebrate this friendship, we spent the day wine tasting.  It was amazing!

Lauren and Lauren

Lauren, me, Lauren, Tara and Angie (we are missing the 6th- Melissa)

We met some mini goats wine tasting

Wine country is BEYOND gorgeous in the fall

We also met a puppy wine tasting

Clearly we love each other

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Lindsay said...

Who doesn't want to meet mini goats when they are wine tasting?!