Sunday, November 24, 2013

work outfits

My work dress code is very flexible.  If I go to court I have to wear a suit.  If I have a deposition, I can dress business casual.  If I am in the office for the day, I can wear pretty much anything I want.  SOO I decided to do a little post about my various work outfits.

Disclaimer: I am not a fashion blogger (which can be seen in by the closet mirror selfies!).  Either way, here goes nothing!

I think patterned pants make things more fun.  I would consider this "business casual" and I wore it to a deposition.

Top: Ann Taylor, Pants: Zara, Heels: random, Necklace: Ann Taylor

This was worn for a casual day in the office.
Same necklace as above.  Top: Urban outfitters, Jeans: Ann Taylor, Heels: Nine west

I also wore this for a casual day in the office, but I could have worn it to a deposition too.  (Please excuse the fact that I have no make up on yet).
Sweater: Costco (yes Costco!), Skirt: Forever 21, Boots: Cathy Jean

 I wore this on a casual, rainy day.  It was cozy and kept my feet dry.
Scarf: thrifted, Sweater: Ann Taylor (sensing a theme??), Cami: Nordstrom, Jeans: Joe's Jeans, Boots: Nordstrom

This is obviously a suit.  I wore this outfit to court.  I think the most important thing for suits on women is the fit.  You want a feminine suit that has darting made to accentuate the female figure and PLEASE do not buy/wear an overly tight suit.  Nothing looks more inappropriate that a girl that is wearing a suit so tight she cannot properly sit.  Not cute.  I tried to make it more fun with an embellished top and a fun hairstyle.

Suit: Anne Klein, Top: Ann Taylor, Boots: nine west

I usually wear my hair up for court.  By doing the braid on top I felt like it was a little bit more fun.

....and this is what happens when I have to read all day and I start to go cross-eyed!!


Cara said...

I agree on the suit. Nothing worse than someone trying to take a woman seriously in a SUPER tight suit. ALSO, a boxy, baggy suit is just as bad. I love those Zara pants though!

From Foothills to Fog said...

You are so cute! I love love love those Zara pants, that's my favorite outfit. And I love the pink skirt look too! I wish I could french braid, I'm impressed you could do that on yourself!