Thursday, May 16, 2013

more of life lately

For a while there, the weather was incredible...don't worry our "summer" weather is kicking in.  Today it is cloudy and raining.  Luckily we enjoyed the nice weather while we could.

We hit up the beach...

I left work early one afternoon and Russ and I had a picnic date in the park

Trying to get some sun on my legs so I don't blind people this summer~!

We went on a weekend date night as well.  Russ took be to Wayfare Tavern .  It is an amazing restaurant owned by Tyler Florence.  The food is delish and it has a cool San Francisco vibe.

Cesar salad with poached egg

Kobe beef tartare

chocolate pie

Poor Russ, miserable at the thought of eating one more bite.

This is what happens when you don't unpack!

We accompanied Russ to the driving range.  The girls and I enjoyed the sunset while he enjoyed golfing. 

And we spent a fair amount of time on the couch....


Cara said...

I know! What is up with this weather today?? I guess it is a nice little change for a day. It better go away before the weekend.

heather @ fieryandopinionated said...

you've been busy! i'm very jealous of all of your park time... chris and i need to start incorporating that into our routine. i was cracking up at the pictures of wayfare - i remember you saying how much you guys stuffed yourselves. looks delicious though!

emi said...

that chocolate cream pie! YUM!!!!!!!!!

casey ann said...

i'm sure i'm going to blind somebody this summer because i have NOT had enough sun!! and that picnic date (and let's be honest, that PIZZA) looks so fun :)

Nicole Marie said...

AMAZING idea for a picnic date!!