Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The months of February and March I was either gone or had people visiting EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.  It was soo much fun, but so exhausting!  April was lovely because every weekend we were at home and able to enjoy the city and some rest.

We hosted a game night at our place with some friends/bloggers.  I bought A LOT of stuff at TJs for that haha

I went to the SF Vinter's Market with some girl friends.  SF is great because there are always cool events going on in the city.

me and Sarah

Gorgeous view from the Vinter's Market

We also went to Sacramento to attend the housewarming of some close friends.  They have a little dog, Stinson, and he graciously hosted our two little girls.  We were so pleased that they all got along and played so well together.  We are trying to plan their next play date now.

Bijou, Stinson, Brussy

I also FINALLY had some time to make a home cooked meal. Since I rarely do anymore, I decided to go all out.

Roasted chicken, rosemary potatoes and sautéed spinach

That was only my second time roasting a chicken whole.  It came out great (not that I am bragging).  We used it all week in salads and sandwiches too.  It was definitely a good deal!


C'est Law Vie said...

Wow, that chicken looks amazing! Next time we come visit I am demanding a home-cooked meal. ;)

Cara said...

That chicken looks SOOO good! I know what you mean- I wish I had time to cook more meals, not just throw dinner together.
Excited to see you guys on Sunday!

Ashley said...

Mmm...and that homecooked meal looks incredible. It's fun to be busy every weekend, but those weekends with no plans are equally as great...just like you said! I HAVE to get to SF one of these days!

Sarah said...

Oh wow having visitors that often for that long is SO fun, but oh so tiring. I like that it gives me good motivation to clean my home though lol.

- Sarah
A Girl In Transit

casey ann said...

what a beautiful dinner...YUM!!