Monday, May 20, 2013

Brother Visits

This weekend my brother came to hang for the weekend.  Friday night we went to happy hour and had an early night.  While out, we were eating tater tots and I literally inhaled one of them.  I could feel it in my chest until the next morning...pathetic, I know.

My brother clearly missed the pups!

Saturday we went to Golden Gate park to walk around with the dogs and check it out.  I have been many times before, but it is so large that there are a lot of places I have never seen.

We decided to walk around Stowe Lake.  There are ducks and turtles and it was very pretty.


pooped after a long walk
After Golden Gate Park, we met up with friends at Fort Mason green to eat sandwiches and enjoy the sun.
Mo and her husband and pups came and met up with us too.  Mugsley and Bowser were very cute!

Sunday was Bay to Breakers so I will have a separate post on just that tomorrow.
How was your weekend?


Nicole Marie said...

miss sf so much. i want to rent row boats on stow lake

Ashley said...

Haha!! The tater tot image is funny, because I've done the same thing before. It really does hurt, doesn't it?!

That's so great that you were able to spend time with your brother!