Monday, April 29, 2013


We went to NYC the summer after I took the bar and I fell in love.  Since then I have been wanting to go back, but it hasn't ever worked out.  At the beginning of April Russ had to go to NYC for work.  I decided it would be a great idea to fly out Thursday night and meet him for the weekend (and I was right).

We stayed with a friend (the one who introduced us!).  He had to work Friday so Russ and I spent the day being tourists.  We started by going to the Met.

On the steps outside the Met (Gossip Girl anyone?)

The weather was amazing so we decided to stroll around Central Park after we checked out the museum.

yes guys, I did get bangs.  Before I flew out, I got a new haircut and didn't tell Russ.  It was a fun surprise to see his face when I arrived!

Spring had sprung in NYC and there were pretty flowers blooming everywhere.

After the park, we went and got pizza.  This was probably the best pizza I've ever had.  I meant to take pictures before we dove in, but when it arrived I was too excited (and hungry!)

That night we went to this amazing wine and food pairing and then out to a bar.  I was too busy eating and drinking to take pictures (sorry guys!).

Saturday the gorgeous weather continued so we decided to walk Highline.

See those trees above the cab?  That is Highline.  It is a boardwalk above the street.

Then we headed down to the water to stroll and grab a beer.

At this point we were starving so we decided to go to Ipudo.  It is a famous Ramen place that has the longest wait ever.  It opens at 5 so we thought if we got there right at 5 we wouldn't have to wait.  WRONG.  We sat down to eat at 6:30.  It was WELL worth the wait though.
Delicious pork buns.  I think we had about 5 orders of these....seriously.

yummiest ramen.

Sunday we went and got brunch with friends and then had to catch our flight back.  We didn't get home until late.  We were welcomed home by a sick Bijou (we knew because she had gotten sick all over our apartment...yuck!).  We cleaned up and crashed on the couch.  This little lady didn't seem one bit sick to me.  She can finally rest peacefully with both of us home!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter (yes I know that was a long time ago)

Many of you have commented about how I haven't blogged in a me, I know.  I have missed blogging too.  I appreciate that you guys notice and care when I don't blog.  Work has been crazy and I just haven't had the desire to come home and spend more time on the computer (you know how it is).  Things seem to be slowing down a bit so you should see more of me around these parts.

I'll catch you guys up on what has been happening...

For Easter, I flew home to LA to spend time with some friends and my dad/brother.

The view from the plane was unreal.  I flew out of Oakland and got a view of the whole city, including the GG Bridge in the clouds.

While at home, I indulged in a spring time mani/pedi

My dad and I went to the mall and peeked in the pet store...I DIE.

Throwback to Easter a long, long time ago!!
While at home, I got to relax, visit friends and go to church and an amzing brunch. 
The downside of being with family at the holidays is that I am always apart from Russ (because naturally he wants to be with his family too).  We have spent Easter together before, but we have never spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas together.  So sad. 
Since Easter is my favorite holiday, Russ welcomed me home Sunday with a homemade Easter brunch (for dinner) of our own.  It was delicious!!