Monday, March 4, 2013


You know when you love something, but sometimes you need a little space?  Well, that is how I have felt about blogging lately.  I have felt overwhelmed with my "real" life and just didn't have enough emotional energy left over to come home from work and spend an hour at the computer.  I have been reading all of your lovely blogs though.

Despite not blogging, I have been taking pictures of everything SOO I am going to catch you guys on what I have been up to.

A few weekends ago, Russ, Cory, Lindsay and I rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. We got food, drinks and candy there before having a nice sunset ride home.

If you ever visit SF, I highly recommend this bike ride.

Cory was the creative vision behind this picture and the actual photographer.  Clearly he is brilliant.

This restaurant in Sausalito has delicious food, is right on the water and has bocce! What else could you want!?

After Bocce we wanted more games so we played shuffle board, fuse ball and old video games. SOO fun!

Then we went to this wine bar and had a glass of wine and a cheese/charcuterie plate outside.

Then we got a lot of candy.  HA!

And after all this indulging we decided to ride back across the bridge (we needed it!).  In the past we took the ferry because the ride back has an insanely HUGE hill.  I was expecting to walk up most of it, but I actually rode all the way to the top and was clearly very proud of myself!


Cara said...

i love bar bocce! looks like a great day!

casey ann said...

this looks like a blast!! :) you all look awesome for bike riding all day!! i'd be in workout pants and need a sweatband or something.. not the most skilled bicyclist over here ;)

Mo (New on U) said...

I love this and can't wait to do it too! Bar Bocce looks right up our ally! On Saturday we had some time to kill before our flight and were trying to find shuffleboard or some other bar with at least darts or something in SF - any suggestions for next time?? (PS - I see a shuffleboard competition in our future...)

Katie Cook said...

LOOOVVVEEEE these pics! And that ride is amazing. I've done it once:)