Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girls weekend

This weekend I had another girls weekend (poor Russ!....actually I think he likes it!).  Russ is super close with his guy friends from college.  Most of these lovely men have lovely girlfriends/female friends.  All the women behind the men have gotten to be pretty close so we decided to reunite here in SF.

Since a bunch of the girls were flying in at different times on Friday and the rest of us had to work, Lindsay hosted us at her house.  She cooked, we ate, we drank wine, we talked.  It was wonderful.

Sorry this is blurry.  Lindsay made some amazing food (as usual) including toasted bread topped with hummus/guac/tomato (sounds a little diff, but was amazing!) and the other burrata/balsamic/honey.

Saturday we started off with a little walk/hike around Lands End (I did another post about Lands End here.  It was a gorgeous day in SF.

Bijou and Brussy were very excited to have been invited to join in on the hike!

Post hike, we picked up some sandwiches and champagne and headed to Fort Mason.  There we picniced and played games. 

We also met this sweet pup.  She was wearing a bandana that told us it was her birthday!

Saturday night was our big night out.  We had a huge feast of pizza, brussel sprouts and other Italian fare at delarosa.  Then we went out for a few drinks. 

One of the girls made us play a game now dubbed "shot roulette" where there were 8 different shots (there were 8 of us ladies) and the middle was a chaser.  You close your eyes and they spin the tray around and you blindly choose a shot.  It was a disgusting game when it was your turn, but it was fun to watch everyone else.  Disclaimer: only play one round of this if you want to survive!!

The next day we were all pretty pooped.

So we went to Sausalito and had a delicious brunch at Le Garage

This weekend I am heading home for Easter!  For all of you that celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time!


Rachel Lawson said...

Awe, that sounds like a great weekend!! The photos look like so much fun was had!


Ashley R said...

Shot roulette! That sounds so fun (and gross). But the night before of drinking, cooking, and hanging out sounds kind of great too. :)

Serena Lily Marie said...

Totally random, but I know Lindsay! Small world. Looks like an awesome weekend!

Meg {henninglove} said...

what a wonderful weekend! that is so nice all of you girls became friends and spend a weekend together. the dogs definitely do look pooped

Ashley said...

That jumping picture of you ladies is perfect!! Now I'm craving a girls' weekend with my gals!!

lindsay grace said...

Such a small world, Serena! How do you two know each other??

Lovely post, Chantal - though my jumping skills are subpar.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Fun weekend!! I love the pic of each of you in mid-air.

Nicole Marie said...

what a great weekend!! miss sf!