Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girls weekend

This weekend I had another girls weekend (poor Russ!....actually I think he likes it!).  Russ is super close with his guy friends from college.  Most of these lovely men have lovely girlfriends/female friends.  All the women behind the men have gotten to be pretty close so we decided to reunite here in SF.

Since a bunch of the girls were flying in at different times on Friday and the rest of us had to work, Lindsay hosted us at her house.  She cooked, we ate, we drank wine, we talked.  It was wonderful.

Sorry this is blurry.  Lindsay made some amazing food (as usual) including toasted bread topped with hummus/guac/tomato (sounds a little diff, but was amazing!) and the other burrata/balsamic/honey.

Saturday we started off with a little walk/hike around Lands End (I did another post about Lands End here.  It was a gorgeous day in SF.

Bijou and Brussy were very excited to have been invited to join in on the hike!

Post hike, we picked up some sandwiches and champagne and headed to Fort Mason.  There we picniced and played games. 

We also met this sweet pup.  She was wearing a bandana that told us it was her birthday!

Saturday night was our big night out.  We had a huge feast of pizza, brussel sprouts and other Italian fare at delarosa.  Then we went out for a few drinks. 

One of the girls made us play a game now dubbed "shot roulette" where there were 8 different shots (there were 8 of us ladies) and the middle was a chaser.  You close your eyes and they spin the tray around and you blindly choose a shot.  It was a disgusting game when it was your turn, but it was fun to watch everyone else.  Disclaimer: only play one round of this if you want to survive!!

The next day we were all pretty pooped.

So we went to Sausalito and had a delicious brunch at Le Garage

This weekend I am heading home for Easter!  For all of you that celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tourists Take SF

Not this weekend, but the weekend before, our friend Andy flew up from SD with his lovely girlfriend to celebrate his birthday and St. Paddy's Day with us.  We decided to play tourist and we had a great time.

Friday night we started out by going to House of Air which is a trampoline places where you can play trampoline dodgeball.   Yes you heard me, trampoline dodgeball.  Russ was in a league.  Yes you heard, me a league.  I was too scared to play, but I went this time and boy was it fun (and an insane workout).

It looks a little something like this....


The rest of the weekend we did more normal things like eat dim sum and get cocktails at the Ferry Building.

Amazing Irish coffees from Buena Vista.  They are most famous for these and many people (like us) go and only order these.

Then we decided to do a night time tour of alcatraz.  The sunset views were amazing (despite it being freezing!)

This may or may not be a picture of a picture (like from Disneyland).....

We celebrated St. Paddy's in style!

SF loves St. Paddy's and the bars get alleys closed for outdoor block parties.  The mayhem that ensues looks about like this.

We ladies decided to do a little photobooth action.  This app is unbelievably fun.  Download it immediately.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Every year for Russ' birthday present I take him on a little weekend getaway (because he is insanely hard to shop for!).  Even though his birthday was a month ago, we went this weekend because it was the first weekend we were free.

I took him away to a small town north of Sonoma called Glen Ellen.  It was a super cute little town right next to Jack London State Park.  The park used to be Jack London's private ranch, but now the state owns most of it.  You can hike, ride horses and tour his house.  We did all of the above.

Most of you probably don't know this, but I am afraid of horses. I think they are really beautiful animals, but they are just SOO big and powerful. I think my fear stems for lack of control (not that I am a control freak or anything....).

I decided that this was a good opportunity to overcome my fear.  Life is too short to miss out on things because of fear and I certainly don't want fear to hold me back from my life.

Mr. Smith, Tug and Newt (photo taken from a safe distance)
The instructor was great and he gave me a lesson on how to stop, go, turn, etc.  My horse was Newt.  He was a sweetie and he took good care of me.

Isn't Newt handsome?

Me and Newt, Russ and Tug
Tug was a bit of a bully.  Russ let him get too close to my Newt and Tug bit Newt's butt! How rude!!  Luckily for Russ, Newt took it in stride and didn't scare me.  Thanks Newt!

Sweet Newty boy

The park was gorgeous.  After we rode horses through the redwood trees, we had a picnic lunch.  Then we walked around the park and toured Jack London's house.  It was wonderful.

On our way home, we stopped at the Marin Headleads to catch a view of the Golden Gate Bridge because it was such a clear, nice day.

The girls missed us terribly so we took them to the park to run, play and enjoy the rare bit of sunshine

The sunshine and palm trees almost made me think I was back in So Cal!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Alright guys, we are almost caught up! Last weekend I went wine tasting in Sonoma with some girl friends on Saturday.  Sunday I came down with a cold (that I am still trying to get over) so I spent most of the day sleeping

Amazing picnic lunch we brought and ate at one of the wineries

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Two weeks ago I went to Miami for a long weekend with my high school girl friends.  The last time we spent that much time together was in high school.  Needless to say, it was amazing and we are going to start doing a trip every year!! (the warm weather didn't hurt either!)

The beach next to our hotel

keeping ourselves entertained in the cab

our first night out to dinner

amazing dinner at 15th Street Fisheries in Ft. Lauderdale


my dear Shiran who lives in Canada...miss her terribly!

the night clubs in Miami are insanity