Monday, February 4, 2013


This weekend was the Super Bowl with the 49ers and Russ' birthday.  Needless to say, we had a very busy weekend.  We hosted people pretty much from Saturday evening until Sunday night!  Our apartment is a disaster and I am pooped!  Luckily Russ had fun and that is all that matters for his birthday.  (Thank goodness he only has one a year!!) ;)

Came home to find Russ had gone and picked up delicious proschiutto and arugula pizza.  yum!!

Brussy helped me decorate for Russ' parties.

Russ was VERY excited to have dry ice cocktails and insisted everyone else be too!

Limoncello cupcakes for the birthday boy.

Brussy gettin' her party on.

So sad they lost :(

I had NOTHING to do with this amazing spread.  Well by nothing, I mean nothing to do with making it.  I ate a lot of it :)

Niners nails petting a Bijou.

Russ at his happiest- surrounded by friends, phone in hand.  I think that thing is permanently affixed to his right hand.

For a girl who doesn't love dogs, Lindsay got awfully cozy with Brussy.

I am such a good girlfriend.  Just kidding! (well not really).


Nicole Marie said...

want that pizza so bad! sad for the niners :(

casey ann said...

looks like a fun b-day weekend for russ :) except the heart wrenching loss (we are still sad). way to be an awesome gf (just claim it!)! hehe :)

Erica said...

Limoncello cupcakes?! yes, please! recipe?

April said...

haha You are a good girlfriend!!