Friday, February 8, 2013

Date Night

Russ and I bicker and fight and have our struggles just like most couples.  Obviously I don't take pictures of that and post them here, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  Moving in together and going through changes always brings with it growing pains.

All to often, our alone/"quality" time together was eating dinner at the coffee table and watching TV.  As much as I love these casual, comfortable moments with him, this is not enough to sustain the closeness I crave.

We have been making a real effort to spend less down time together and more quality time.  We also stopped texting all day long.  Instead, we are focusing on spending good time together and sharing about our days in person. 

ALL that being said, we went on a date last night.  I got off work early and we tried out this restaurant, A 16.  We sat at the bar, drank wine, ate delicious pizza and TALKED.  We had a real conversation.  You know, the kind where no one is on their phone and you're actually listening to the other person?  It was great.

I am off to LA this weekend for some family/friend time.  I CANNOT WAIT!  Hope you guys have a great weekend!


Cara said...

This pizza looks amazing!! I know exactly what you mean. I feel like that is how we are too- we almost just look forward to time after work on the couch watching tv, but then the nights we actually get dressed up and go to dinner and talk, those are my favorite.

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

I know what you mean! I think it's especially hard when you live with someone. All too often, my fiance and I just get home tired from work, plop on the couch, and veg out.

We've decided to take ONE DAY (Wednesdays) a week and disconnect from phone, internet, and have it all be about us.

We're talking more than ever about the most important things and it's made SUCH a difference.

Katie Cook said...

Love this post girl!!! And yes, quality time is AMAZING!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

What a yummy looking pizza! I think it's a great idea that you spend quality time together instead of just down time. And sharing your day in person is so much nicer than texting, isn't it :)

Erica said...

I know what you mean. it's so hard to not get wrapped up in all the technology devices/social media that sometimes you just have take a break from it all to appreciate those quiet times. my fiance and i try to do this every morning on the weekends. we wake up, cook breakfast together, put some music on and read or talk to each other. it brings such a different dynamic to the rest of the day. we start the day connecting with EACH OTHER and not other people. and we do the same on date nights. phones stay in the car!

Ashley said...

It's hard to just be together....It really is. So glad you two were able to go out! So fun.

Rachel Lawson said...

That pizza looks yummy! It's hard to escape from social media and the rest of the world sometimes. Hope you had a great weekend!


Nicole Marie said...

can't believe i haven't been there