Friday, February 15, 2013


Russ and I decided to have a quiet night at home.  I told him that I was making the plans this year and that I would make him a surprise dinner.  Lucky for me, he is a smart guy and knew that didn't get him totally off the hook...

I came home to this :)

Instead of just making a normal dinner, I decided to do a picnic indoors.  One of my favorite dates we went on was a picnic in the park back in LA.  We spent the afternoon running barefoot in the grass, doing a crossword and munching cheese and crackers.  It was perfect.  It is much too cold and dark to do that here in SF after work SO I decided to make one in our living room.

It was fun to be at home, but feel like you were somewhere else.  I totally suggest doing this sometime!
Bijou was happy she got to join in.  She tested on the picnic setting first, just to be sure it was safe!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As some of you may remember from last year, I love Lent/Easter.  I think the idea of giving something up and feeling sacrifice, as well as taking time to reflect is a wonderful exercise for us as Christians and humans.

When I first started observing Lent, I would give up something hard but materialistic, like chocolate or soda.  Last year was the first year I gave up something more serious; I gave up complaining.  A lot of people thought I was crazy and said it was unrealistic.  I hear ya!  Of course I didn't go all 40 days without complaining, BUT for 40 days I (and all of those around me- side eye Russ) was conscious of my complaining.  I made a real effort not to complain, which in turn, forced me to focus on the positive.  I truly believe that my whole mentality shifted.  Of course I still complain, but I feel like I am a generally more positive person.  I grew up being very positive and somewhere in law school, my perspective shifted to the negative (no surprise there!).  Lent last year was like a re-set for me back to my old, positive way of viewing life.

That being said, this year I wanted to choose something more serious; something that could really benefit my character and growth.  This year I have decided to give up trashy reality tv AND replace that time reading the Bible and journaling on my thoughts/takeaways/etc. 

I am committing to reading the Bible and journaling everyday for the next 40 days. I think there is a lot I can gain from this and I am really looking forward to doing it.  I will keep you posted on any earth-shattering revelations I have! ;)

Do you participate in Lent?  What are you giving up?

Monday, February 11, 2013


This weekend I went home to LA to help out in a pancreatic cancer run my best friend, Jessica, puts on with her sister each year.  They do this in honor of their mom who passed away from pancreatic cancer 6 years ago.

Tons of our friends come to town to support her and the cause. It is a great reunion of sorts and a great way to celebrate the life of Jessica's amazing mother, Pam.

The race was a huge success!

I was welcomed home by these pretty flowers.  My dad never forgets tulips are my favorite!

We celebrated the success of PAMs Run with a nice pitcher of Blue Moon (and some pizza!).


This weekend I was also able to spend some time with other friends and family. I went to dinner with my friend Morgan in Santa Monica at La Sandia .  They have good Mexican food and great margaritas!

I spent Sunday with the fam.  We had a late breakfast at a local haunt and then spent the afternoon shopping.  Does it get better than that?  Nope!  I love living in SF but it sure is nice to come home to visit!!

Russ picked me up and we watched Downton Abbey with some friends.  All in all, it was a pretty great weekend.

How was your weekend? What did you do?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Date Night

Russ and I bicker and fight and have our struggles just like most couples.  Obviously I don't take pictures of that and post them here, but it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  Moving in together and going through changes always brings with it growing pains.

All to often, our alone/"quality" time together was eating dinner at the coffee table and watching TV.  As much as I love these casual, comfortable moments with him, this is not enough to sustain the closeness I crave.

We have been making a real effort to spend less down time together and more quality time.  We also stopped texting all day long.  Instead, we are focusing on spending good time together and sharing about our days in person. 

ALL that being said, we went on a date last night.  I got off work early and we tried out this restaurant, A 16.  We sat at the bar, drank wine, ate delicious pizza and TALKED.  We had a real conversation.  You know, the kind where no one is on their phone and you're actually listening to the other person?  It was great.

I am off to LA this weekend for some family/friend time.  I CANNOT WAIT!  Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out and About

Two girlfriends and I decided to check out Sutro Baths and Lands End. They are the perfect place to get some fresh air in the city and some great views. Especially on a gorgeous, clear day like we had! It's so beautiful and amazingly, part of the city.

It was a great time to get some exercise, air and girl talk. I feel so rejuvenated just thinking about it.

View of Ocean Beach from above

These are the baths.  They used to be covered in a glass building and they were a private swimming club.  They burned down in a fire and this is what is left.
This is what they used to look like.

From Sutro Baths, you can take the Lands End trial along the coast all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We didn't go that far, but we did walk for a good two hours.  Along the way, there are beautiful Cyprus trees.

Monday, February 4, 2013


This weekend was the Super Bowl with the 49ers and Russ' birthday.  Needless to say, we had a very busy weekend.  We hosted people pretty much from Saturday evening until Sunday night!  Our apartment is a disaster and I am pooped!  Luckily Russ had fun and that is all that matters for his birthday.  (Thank goodness he only has one a year!!) ;)

Came home to find Russ had gone and picked up delicious proschiutto and arugula pizza.  yum!!

Brussy helped me decorate for Russ' parties.

Russ was VERY excited to have dry ice cocktails and insisted everyone else be too!

Limoncello cupcakes for the birthday boy.

Brussy gettin' her party on.

So sad they lost :(

I had NOTHING to do with this amazing spread.  Well by nothing, I mean nothing to do with making it.  I ate a lot of it :)

Niners nails petting a Bijou.

Russ at his happiest- surrounded by friends, phone in hand.  I think that thing is permanently affixed to his right hand.

For a girl who doesn't love dogs, Lindsay got awfully cozy with Brussy.

I am such a good girlfriend.  Just kidding! (well not really).