Monday, January 14, 2013

weekend review

The month of February I am either gone or we have something going on every. single. weekend.  All of it is fun stuff so I shouldn't complain (and I am not really), but it makes me that much more happy to enjoy some quiet weekends in SF.

This weekend I......

read my library book

bought some flowers for our place

made some chicken soup

painted my nails

cozied up with these ladies

got some fresh air

and hit up an amazing candy store


Cara said...

Lovely! Where is this candy store?

Melissa said...

yum! i LOVE making soup! i am also jealous that your outdoor picture does not make it look like it is a million degrees below zero.
so, so jealous. ugh.

Katie Cook said...

I finally finished A Severe Mercy and it is now one of my all time favorite books! Don't you just want to live in oxford in a little flat with your love and entertain and take long walks in fields, and eat at pubs? wonderful! How was the CoCo Chanel book? Worth the time spent reading?

Erica said...

LOVE that you get library books! i always forget that there is a library one block away from my apartment. i miss the days of browsing the shelves and using my little library card.

Nancy said...

Oh a fellow SF-er! =)
Love that you read a book from the library. People don't go as often anymore but I still love it!

Nicole Marie said...

can't wait to get back to the states and use my libaray instead of paying for everyone book on my kindle

Ashley said...

Candy store!!!! Nice!!

How was the Chanel book? Looks like something I would like to read.