Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The last two weeks have been an amazing combination of holidays, family, friends and celebrations but now I am pooped. Friday I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold so I really wanted to rest and get things in order.

Here is my relaxing weekend via Instagram.

Snuggle sesh with the girls

Organized the closet

Shrimp and arugula for dinner

My favorite candy- Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  YUM!

mixed greens and my first ever homemade chicken pot pie



Lindsay said...

That chicken pot pie is making me hungry!!!

April said...

That salad looks amazing! I'm going to trivia tonight at a local pizza joint and I've already decided on a big chicken Caesar salad and this just makes me a little hungrier! Om nom! Feel better soon!

Ashley said...

Now I need to organize my closet!! SEriously...it's been on my to-do list for quite some time.

Love seeing pictures of those sweet dogs!

Altax said...

Looks Great!!! Happy new year.

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Erica said...

Happy new year! that pot pie looks delish! I just got a recipe for one and have been meaning to try it out soon. I guess it'll just have to wait once i'm done with this whole30 :)