Friday, January 25, 2013

Business Trip

This week I went on a business trip to downtown LA. My dad lives about an hour and a half from downtown so I wouldn't normally get to see him on a short trip like that, but he was staying downtown for a convention so we got to hang!

I stayed in a cool, old-school hotel.  This was my room.

First time using my roller briefcase.  Totally nerdy, but totally necessary. 

Downtown LA lookin' pretty nice!!

Return home to SF...not so nice!

My dad and I went to dinner and Bottega Louie.  Amazing.

In addition to great Italian food, they are known for these babies.  I brought them home "for Russ" as a thank you for taking care of the pups while I was gone.  Naturally, I ate half of them.

Someone (besides me) was very happy I was home.  Her unconditional love and loyalty warms my heart.  No one loves my like little Bijou :)

This week has been BRUTAL all around.  I am so happy it is ending. 


Katie Cook said...

Ahhhh I hope this next week is better girl!!!! Hope your weekend was relaxing:)

Ashley said...

So glad you got to spend time with your dad.

And look at that sweet little Bijou face!!!

Rachel Lawson said...

Bottega Louie is the bees knees. Those macaroons make any day better! (The rose is my favorite)


Meg {henninglove} said...

next time you come down to LA for work we need to meet up! did you know i live in LA? well if you did already then sorry! and since your friend has moved back to LA and whenever you come down to visit him you will have to hang out with me too it is a must!