Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Downton Abbey

I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love Downton Abbey! The season 3 premiere was a few weeks ago. We had two other couples over tea, dessert and a screening. It was amazing.  Since then we have watched it with other couples and sometimes alone.  This Sunday we are hoping to watch the Niners win the superbowl (GO NINERS!!) and let that slide right into a Downton Abbey showing! If you don't already watch this show, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Maxin' and Relaxin'

This weekend was one of those truly restorative weekends.  I spent time with friends, I spent time alone, I spent time exercising and I spent time resting. It was very needed and absolutely wonderful.  I had a rough week last week and I feel like a whole new woman today. 

Brussy and I did some yoga Friday night.  Her favorite pose is downward facing dog.

Broiled fish with meyer lemon on a bed of greens.

One of my best childhood friends lives in the city and, sadly (for me), is moving back to LA.  I went to his going away party Friday night.  It was great to see him and to meet so many new people.

The weather in SF was amazingly sunny and pretty (still cold though) so we spent a lot of time in the park.  Brussy is in heaven here grass+tummy rub= bliss.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Business Trip

This week I went on a business trip to downtown LA. My dad lives about an hour and a half from downtown so I wouldn't normally get to see him on a short trip like that, but he was staying downtown for a convention so we got to hang!

I stayed in a cool, old-school hotel.  This was my room.

First time using my roller briefcase.  Totally nerdy, but totally necessary. 

Downtown LA lookin' pretty nice!!

Return home to SF...not so nice!

My dad and I went to dinner and Bottega Louie.  Amazing.

In addition to great Italian food, they are known for these babies.  I brought them home "for Russ" as a thank you for taking care of the pups while I was gone.  Naturally, I ate half of them.

Someone (besides me) was very happy I was home.  Her unconditional love and loyalty warms my heart.  No one loves my like little Bijou :)

This week has been BRUTAL all around.  I am so happy it is ending. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This weekend we had a friend visiting so we did some touristy things and enjoyed the sunshine.

I had to work Monday and this week I will be traveling for work so you may not see too much of me here. To keep track of what I'm up to you can follow me on twitter and Instagram @binthebay

Fisherman's Wharf

Crab season!!!

chowder in a bread bowl

Fresh crab sando

If you thought that sandwich was big enough, you were wrong! We washed down our crab sandos with some GIANT sundaes!

the crew


Sunday stroll in this beautiful city!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Wednesday is kind of a slump day for pretty much every employed person.  Wednesday was also my birthday.  I am not much of a birthday person.  My boss asked me why I didn't take the day off and, frankly, I didn't because it didn't occur to me that I could/should.  Also, I had a deposition this morning that has been re-scheduled about a gazillion times and I really wanted to  take it already!!

SOO the point is, I didn't do anything special for my birthday.  It was still a good day though.  The people at my local coffee shop found out it was my birthday and gave me free coffee.  I anticipated that the deposition would be contentious and it wasnt (yess) AND Russ made me dinner : )

Every year Russ goes out of his way to do nice things for me on my birthday and has always taken me out to dinner.  The one thing I told him I wanted to do for my birthday this year was for him to cook me a quiet dinner at home (and turn his cell phone off!).  He obliged.  It was wonderful.  Here are some pictures.

3 wonderfully ridiculous shows waiting for me and no im not talking golf!

welcomed home with a glass of wine. yes please.

master chef at work

Filet mignon with blue cheese and a red wine reduction

garlic asparagus, salad and roasted rosemary blue cheese potatoes...YUM!

This was supposed to be dessert.  I was too full to ingest even Yoppi, but i plan to redeem this bad boy at a later date! :)

It was so nice to have a quiet night at home and a DELICIOUS meal.  Thanks to Russ for being awesome and thanks to everyone else who went out of their way to try to make me feel special.

Monday, January 14, 2013

weekend review

The month of February I am either gone or we have something going on every. single. weekend.  All of it is fun stuff so I shouldn't complain (and I am not really), but it makes me that much more happy to enjoy some quiet weekends in SF.

This weekend I......

read my library book

bought some flowers for our place

made some chicken soup

painted my nails

cozied up with these ladies

got some fresh air

and hit up an amazing candy store

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Recently I went to see an exhibit on Rudolph Nureyev. He is a famous Russian ballet dancer. I don't have any pictures of the exhibit because they weren't allowed but it was absolutely lovely. It was a beautiful combination of costumes, photographs, film and other visual exhibits. It was utterly moving.

It had been raining all weekend so this was a great indoor activity. I wandered around the museum a bit before I realized it had stopped raining.

The museum is located in the beautiful Golden Gate Park so I decided to take advantage of what had become a lovely winter day and walk around the park a bit.

The air was crisp and fresh smelling as it always is after a rain. I had a nice latte to keep me warm and classical music to set the mood. All in all it was a perfect afternoon. To anyone in the Bay Area, I highly recommend you go see this before it ends in February!

Yummy, and warm, latte in the park

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The last two weeks have been an amazing combination of holidays, family, friends and celebrations but now I am pooped. Friday I felt like I was starting to come down with a cold so I really wanted to rest and get things in order.

Here is my relaxing weekend via Instagram.

Snuggle sesh with the girls

Organized the closet

Shrimp and arugula for dinner

My favorite candy- Trader Joe's dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  YUM!

mixed greens and my first ever homemade chicken pot pie