Thursday, December 6, 2012

lesson learned

This morning I saw this video and was truly moved to tears.  This is a great lesson in character and wonderful parenting. 

It also made me think about what it means to win.  Some people would say that Justin lost.  Justin himself said that winning isn't always as important as doing the right thing (seriously!? what an amazing kid!). 

However, I don't think he lost.  I think he decided for himself that winning meant something different.  Let us all hope that we raise our children to be (and can be ourselves) good examples of character and defining "winning" in our own way.



Katie Cook said...

thank you for posting this! i totally just teared up big time. what a beautiful display, oh my goodness! and...sat by the fire this morning reading severe mercy. i'm finally at the part where the letters between him and CS Lewis start. i can't put it down! have a great day! love Katie

Stephanie said...

That kid is awesome. I hope one day my future children have as much class and character as that boy.

Ashley said...

Chills.....all over my body. I hope I can raise my boys to have this kind of character.

Nicole Marie said...

that is incredible... what a wonderful little boy with such a good heart at such a young age... and i totally agree with ashley

Rebecca @ Frugal Fashion Mommy said...

Absolutely loved this video. Kids certainly can be wonderful. Thank you for sharing this!