Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Beauty Vox Box

I got a Beauty themed Vox Box!!

It included this amazing candle.  It is from Bath & Body works.  It is small, but very powerful.  I lit it and our whole apartment smelled like pumpkin spice.

These are intended to make a bun.  For me they didn't really work.  I have super fine, strait hair so all these pieces stuck out (see pic below).  I am sure they would work on someone with a different hair type.  

This included primer and shadow, which is fun.  I liked it a lot. I use it all the time now.  See below.

I am not sure how this is beauty related.  Also, I got this in my Naturals Vox Box and didn't like it so I was surprised to see it again.

These are great too.  I haven't worn them out,  but they look good on.  They are a little thicker, but I would def wear them out sometime.
This stuff is amazing! Smells amazing and works great! This was my favorite product in the box.  nuff said.


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I was most intrigued by the spin pin, but like you I have fine and straight hair and it's short. It'll probably slide right off! Let us know how you go with the eyelashes :)

Stephanie said...

Wow, looks like you got an awesome box! Too bad the spin pins didn't work out for you. I use them all them time to throw my hair up in a quick bun!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh you got some good stuff, my hair would totally look like yours with the spin pins and i bet that hair cream does smell really yummy with coconut extract

Ashley said...

I can smell that candle from here!

Looks like a GREAT box!!

April said...

Looks like a fun box!!! I've been wanting to try those spinny pins!