Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fleet Week

Friday I went to a work happy hour, which was so much fun!  I love going out with my co-workers and getting to know them better.  I also had a nice chat with my boss about relationships, life, work, etc.

This week in SF was Fleet Week.  I thought that would include a lot of boats, but apparently it is all about the planes.  People flood rooftops and watch an amazing air show.  There was a lot of hype beforehand and I was seriously not expecting to be that impressed.  Also, being SF, the weather is not always conducive to airplanes or anything outside.  However, the weather was AMAZING and the show was mind blowing!

(I also got an iphone this weekend.  Before I had a VERY old blackberry so you will see a lot more action from me these days.  These pics are iphone pics which is why they aren't as great as normal)

Stealth bomber

Giant 747 flying low over the water.

You can see all the people on roofs

Blue Angels.  They fly within 18 inches of each other and go SOO fast! They flew right over our heads!

That is 4 planes so close together that they look like 2!

After this awesome experience, two of our best friends came up for a visit.  They came up to look for apartments because they are moving here.  Needless to say, we are thrilled and are happy to house them as long as they want!

How was your weekend?!


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

My weekend was quite laid back - though I would have swapped with you in a heartbeat! The photos are beautiful, it looks like it was a spectacular show! xoxox

Lindsay said...

Yay for getting an iPhone! I saw the Blue Angels on the bay a couple of years ago. It was an amazing experience!

Ashley said...

There are a TON of people out there!

This sounds so awesome!

Brooklyn said...

first of all, awesome views of sf! and secondly, i love me some happy hours, ha! and finally, YAY for your friends moving closer!!!! wish mine would! :)

Nicole Marie said...

so jealous i missed fleet week this year. one of my favorite sf holidays