Thursday, September 6, 2012


Every year Russ and I like to take one big trip together.  It is a good time to re-charge and to spend some good quality time together.  Our first big trip was to Turks and Caicos and last year we went to New York.

I LOVE-LOVE warm, tropical weather so this year we decided to check out Maui!! We are heading to Maui on Saturday so I won't be around these parts BUUUT it behooves (yes I said behooves) you to stick around because I have two awesome guest posters (literally 2 of my all time faves)! Also, when I return I have some good posts planned and my first ever giveaway!

Here are some pics from Turks and Caicos as a teaser for Maui!

could this water be more beautiful?!

the one on the left was mine. it was the BEST tropical drink I've ever had and I have no idea what it is! oops!

We saw some beautiful sunsets and amazing star-filled nights.

This is tannest you will ever see me and it was pretty much gone the next day so take it all in!

Walking along the beach to our last dinner :(

See you all when I return!!


C'est Law Vie said...

Have so much fun on your trip - I'm jealous! And I love the dress with the planes...super cute!

Mo (New on U) said...

Oh have soooo much fun! I was in Maui last year and loved it! What side of the Island are you on??

B said...

@ monica- thanks so much! Russ actually got me the dress. Can you believe he picked such a cute dress and it fit perfectly!?

Stephanie said...

You guys are going to have the most amazing time!! The bf and I try to do the same thing but this year our trip is a little nerdy - we're going to DC ... during election week in November. The nerdiest part is that I'm just as excited about that trip as I was about our Puerto Vallarta trip last year!

LindseyC said...

Awwwww how amazing!!!!!! I want to start doing that... it's so easy with everything going on to stop taking time for just the two of us. Have a GREAT trip!

Brooklyn said...

have sooo much fun on your trip! you could say that i'm just a weeeee bit jealous, ha! glad to be guest posting and CAN'T wait for your island vacation recap!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

have so much fun!!! my boy and i like to take one big trip every year too. i'm hoping next year is to either Peru or Europe! we are going to start talking about it over the holidays

Meg {henninglove} said...

how lucky are you to be leaving on a jet plane for maui this weekend!! have a great time!!

Ashley said...


I can't wait to see pictures. I know you'll have a blast.

Excited about your first giveaway!!

Magical Day Dream said...

Woah you make me die here, I want to go there so bad now! Awesome! :)



B said...

@marielle, yea it was pretty amazing! if you do ever go, let me know and i will give you some recommendations! Thanks so much for stopping by!

B said...

@marielle, yea it was pretty amazing! if you do ever go, let me know and i will give you some recommendations! Thanks so much for stopping by!