Monday, September 24, 2012

date at the ballpark

This weekend Russ took me on a date to the ballpark.  This was my first SF Giants game and I was SOO excited.

We got beers and the infamous garlic fries and cozied up for the game.  The Giants won and clinched a spot in the playoffs!

We went to this bar for a pre-game beer

It was a really fun night until I got sick and spent the rest of the weekend curled up in a ball like a baby.

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Ashley said...

What a fun date!!! Sorry you got sick :( Hope you're feeling better!

Stephanie said...

You were at that game?? So jealous! But not jealous of the cold. :( Hope you're feeling better now!

bailey k. said...

Sweet! What great photos! I'd love to see a ball game there one day. :)

Please come link this post up to 'The Places You'll Go' Travel Party on my blog. It's all about experiencing places, even if those places are right next door! :)

Lindsay said...

It's not a baseball game without garlic fries! Sorry you got sick. Hope you're all better now!

Lindsay said...

I was too late on the giveaway :( That's what I get for slacking on blogging lately!

casey ann said...

awesome!! nothing like your first game at at&t!! i have to say it's my favorite ballpark :) we went with friends a few weeks ago and got to sit TEN seats behind home plate and sat next to scouts! it was insane! ..but really, the whole park's beautiful, there's noooo bad seats. especially with garlic fries in hand :) and darn, i missed your giveaway too (sad face)! xo!

Ashley R said...

My husband and I love 21st Amendment. Great beer and fun place to eat and drink. :)