Friday, September 28, 2012

baby gifts

My adorable God son is turning 1 next month.  Of course I am getting him a gift.  However, at 1 years old, he has no idea what the gift is or who it is from. 

This is him just about 3 weeks old!! I cannot believe he is almost one year old now!

As much as I LOVE buying cute tiny baby everything, I know from reading mom blogs that they end up getting way more clothing that a child could need and more toys than they want to clean up. 

Since I am not a mom, I have no idea what moms want.  SOO, the big question is, what do parents actually want to get for their babies' birthdays!?

I was trying to think more long-term, like starting a college fund or something.  However, that requires A LOT of work on the part of the parent and I probably wouldn't be putting enough money in there at a time to make it worthwhile (think again, not all lawyers make bank!).  I think just giving money and gift cards is too impersonal and thoughtless. 

PLEASE MOMS OUT THERE (OR ANYONE), HELP A GIRL OUT!! What should I get the little man!!?

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