Friday, September 28, 2012

baby gifts

My adorable God son is turning 1 next month.  Of course I am getting him a gift.  However, at 1 years old, he has no idea what the gift is or who it is from. 

This is him just about 3 weeks old!! I cannot believe he is almost one year old now!

As much as I LOVE buying cute tiny baby everything, I know from reading mom blogs that they end up getting way more clothing that a child could need and more toys than they want to clean up. 

Since I am not a mom, I have no idea what moms want.  SOO, the big question is, what do parents actually want to get for their babies' birthdays!?

I was trying to think more long-term, like starting a college fund or something.  However, that requires A LOT of work on the part of the parent and I probably wouldn't be putting enough money in there at a time to make it worthwhile (think again, not all lawyers make bank!).  I think just giving money and gift cards is too impersonal and thoughtless. 

PLEASE MOMS OUT THERE (OR ANYONE), HELP A GIRL OUT!! What should I get the little man!!?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giveaway Winner!

drum roll please......and the winner is..........
Emily Pallegrino!!!

Emily please email me ( with your address so I can send you your mug!!
Thank you everyone for participating!!
I should have made this giveaway longer. I apologize to those of you who didn't get to enter.  Live and learn!  Next time I will do a longer one.   Either way,  I appreciate your interest!
Today I spent most of my day at a seminar about the new California workers' compensation bill. The rest of the day was spent figuring out how the heck I was going to get enough billing to go home at a reasonable time. 
Tomorrow I have two back to back depositions with a guy who is known to be "difficult" (I'm being kind).  Needless to say, the life of a real lawyer isn't too glamours and I have nothing fun to blog about.    Sorry my weekday life isn't more interesting.
Hopefully this weekend I will muster up something fun, with pictures, because let's face it we all prefer the pictures!!
Bon nuit mes amis!

Monday, September 24, 2012

date at the ballpark

This weekend Russ took me on a date to the ballpark.  This was my first SF Giants game and I was SOO excited.

We got beers and the infamous garlic fries and cozied up for the game.  The Giants won and clinched a spot in the playoffs!

We went to this bar for a pre-game beer

It was a really fun night until I got sick and spent the rest of the weekend curled up in a ball like a baby.

Don't forget to enter my first giveaway.  There aren't too many entries so your chances are great! :)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

First Giveaway!

Since I have been SOO bad at blogging in August, I thought it was only fair to thank you for sticking with me by doing a giveaway.

Since I am trying to focus on fall, this mug is the ultimate fall must have.  It is a mug perfect for tea, coffee, coco, or cider and it keeps your hands warm in the process.

I got it while I was visiting in Montana.  I fell in love with the pretty color and the usefullness.  I mean who hasn't excitedly wrapped cold fingers around a warm mug of coco?  I sure have!

I have never done a giveaway before and I am NOT computer saavy so if I botched this giveaway thingy, please bear with me.  I think you just click the link below and go from there.  PLEASE email if this doesn't work so I can actually make this work and give this to someone.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Fashions

Let's be honest here, I wore fall clothes all summer.  However, I am very excited about some of the new fall fashions.  I created a pinterest board of some of my favorite fall favorites and must haves.  I love cozy sweaters, stripes, blush tones, and of course, a great coat!

check it out here

For those of you who don't want to venture from this here lovely blog, I will share a couple of them with you.  What are your favorites for this fall?

Source: via Chantal on Pinterest

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

favorite things about fall

Now that I am back from my summer vacay, I want to embrace the Fall and SF's gloomy weather.  In the spirit of fall, Ana is going to share some of her favorite things about fall to get us in the fall spirit. 

I got to meet Ana at my first blogger meet up and she is just as sweet in person as she seems on her blog.  She is from Brazil and moved here for love.  Definitely go check out her blog because she has a great story and she makes delicious looking treats!

Hey guys,

I'm Ana and I blog over at A+M. I'm so happy to be here at Chantal's blog today. I had the pleasure to meet her earlier this year at a blogger meet-up. She asked me to share my favorite things about fall... And here they are:

1) Football

I am adept of the saying "If you can't beat them, join them". I married Mr. ESPN and I know I'll be watching most games, so my life will be much easier if start enjoying it, right? Plus, I think Aaron Rodgers (the Green Bay Packers quarterback)  is easy on the eyes. Don't you think?

And then I can have excuses to bake cute stuff like this:

2) Layers

One of my favorite things about fall/ winter is to dress up! Cardigans, boots, hats, gloves... I love all that. 

3) The color change

The trees around your condo get all red and yellow - so pretty! I am from Brazil, so I am definitely not used to seeing the leaves color change. It's actually nice to feel the seasons change.

4) Hot cocoa and cooler nights

I can't wait for it to be cooler around here! I think another heat wave is coming this way... blah. It will be nice when the temperature has less than 3 digits for a change. 

What are your favorite things about fall?
xo, Ana

Monday, September 17, 2012


Aloha!  I am back from Hawaii.  We got back late last night and today we spent the day introducing my dad and brother to Russ' parents.  It went well (phew!).  SO now I am back home with my man and my pups and trying to be a good blogger.  Here is my trip in pics...

view from our hotel

We did a lot of floating!

We took a sailing cruise to Molikini to snorkel

First time paddle boarding

Russ is much better at it than I am!

rain= rainbow

Russ played golf while I laid on the beach

We thought it would be funny to get silly henna tattoos.

Of course, I had to get ice cream! Yummy Lapperts Kaui Pie!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

10 things NOT to do....

Well I am still here in Hawaii.  Only one full day left :(

We saw some of these guys! So big that even though they are docile, they were a bit scary.

I know, I know, I look very cool in a mask!

Nicole is amazing. Nuff said. No really, she is great.  She is funny and charming and she has an ADORABLE pup.  (Sensing a trend? My two guest posters have cute dogs. Oops!). 

She is my east coast blog twin- we have seriously stumbled upon way too many random similarities to ignore.  In conclusion, Nicole is awesome.  Read her post and enjoy!

(P.S. she wrote this for me while she was very sick.  Nice lady, huh?  Also just think how funny she must be when she isn't sick...just sayin!)

Hi new friends!!
I am so flattered that Chantal asked me to do a guest post while she is on her amazing vacation.
I am so NOT happy that she did not invite me along to said vacation.
I kid I kid.
Kind of.

So while our girl is off getting tan, sipping fruity drinks and hula dancing, here I am.
Over my 30 years of life, I have done my fair share of traveling and learned a thing or two in the process.
I thought I'd share with you my top 10 things NOT to do whilst vacation/traveling.


10.  Don't Imitate the Locals Accents

By this I mean- if you're down south and out to eat and your waitress has a southern drawl, do not take it upon yourself to start talking with a southern accent also. Most likely you're going to sound like you're making fun of them, even though you're not, and then you'll have to worry if your food is spit free- that isn't fun for anybody. Bottom line? Accents are NOT to be copied while on vacation.

9.  Don't Forget UNDERWEAR

This is very very important. One pair of underwear can only be stretched so far- and depending where you are vacationing, it can be a challenge to locate more pairs. Seriously. Pack tons of underoos.

8.  Don't ask your travel buddy while in line for the security check at the airport if he thinks your "drugs" are going to be ok in the baggie you packed them in.

If you packed Advil or some prescription medicine you're on- don't call them 'drugs'. Call them what they are. You may confuse others if you do otherwise and illicit weird looks from your fellow travelers. Not only that but your traveling buddy may become fearful of a full body search as a result of your careless statement.

7.  Don't eat/drink anything that they "give" you in your hotel room

I know. This should be an OBVIOUS don't. I have seen Home Alone 2, I know the drill. But when you come back to your hotel room at 2am slightly tipsy and you see the little snacks and drinks just sitting is hard to resist. Therefore, I recommend hiding them before you go out to enjoy adult beverages.

6.  Don't try something on the menu if you don't know what it is, while in a fancy restaurant that frowns upon spitting things in your napkin.

I don't think I need to go into detail here.

5.  If it is recommended that you not drink the water, DON'T!

We in America are blessed (most of us) with clean drinking water and can trust that whatever comes out of our sinks is drinkable. In other countries, that is not a luxury and they will let you know ahead of time. Take their advice. It is also a big don't to spend your vaca throwing up in a trash can.

4. Don't try to avoid having a huge carry-on or avoid checking luggage by wearing all your clothes.

If you have a long plan ride this will be very uncomfortable for you and anyone sitting next to you. Also you'll probably take forever to go through security and may miss your flight. And you'll stretch out your clothes.

3. Don't underestimate the power of a nap and freshly brushed teeth.

Vacations, while relaxing, can often be overwhelmingly busy. If you find yourself dragging, take a nap. Brush your teeth. Hey, even shower! You'd be amazed at what a little sleep and good personal hygiene can do for your energy levels.

2. Don't assume that because you're in a foreign country that the beach is a 'nude' beach.

Don't listen to your significant other when they swear up and down that it is a nude beach. Look around you before you rip of your towel. If not, you'll get super weird looks from local people and make babies cry at the sheer whiteness of your behind. Keep it covered my friends.

1.  Don't try to join the mile high club.

First off, why would you ever WANT to do the deed in a tiny place where people urinate (amongst other things)????? Second, the airline people are surprisingly observant about how many people go into the bathrooms at a time and they won't be afraid to call you out on it. Third, you may scar for life the poor people that are forced to sit in the seats closest to the bathrooms. That old lady right outside the door? That is someones grandma! Don't make her listen to you bumpin' and grindin'! and again, it is a BATHROOM- gross.


SO there you have it- some tips for you! Hope all your vacations are fun, safe and happy!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Brooklyn & Salvador (aka Salvie)

In case you were wondering what I have been up to so far, this pretty much sums it up!
I actually planned ahead and lined up some guest posters this week.  You might end up with more posts than I normally post in a week AND these ladies happen to be some of my faves!  Today we have Brooklyn with the amazingly cute pup Salvador.  I want him.  Like seriously.  Enjoy!!
Hi B in the Bay readers!  
I'm Brooklyn and I blog (whoa! that's a lot of b's) over at Veggie Table.  I'm super excited to be guest posting about two of my favorite subjects: travelling and my pup! Our family of three has made several trips over the years.  In the beginning, I was unprepared but after many "I can't believe we didn't bring that!!" thoughts here are a few tips I want to share:
"Don't let her fool you, she doesn't know it all!  Woofie woof!"
1)  find a pet friendly hotel.  we have stayed at two awesome dog-loving places: Hotel Indigo and Aloft
2)  take plenty of poop bags.  not every park provides these and nobody wants to scoop with their hand, ha!
"The smell of a new city park is the best!  Woof woofiesniff!"
3)  pack extra treats.  yes, your dog might gain a few extra lbs but it's worth it when they are causing a barking scene
4)  toys.  salvador gets bored so the more, the merrier he is.
"Yo Daddyo!  How about giving me a lift across this bridge? Woof!"
5)  doggie brush.  we were visiting chattanooga before we moved here and Sal ran around in an area full of stickers.  they were all up in this fur coat so instead of picking each one, we brushed those suckers right out.
6)  pee pads.  the pom is completely house trained but gets confused in a new place so these porta potty pads come in handy.
"Ahhh!  Love me some beach breeze in my golden locks! Woofieyeahhh!"
7)  bottled water.  this might sound a bit crazytown, usa but we have found that tap water from different cities  upsets his stomach which is never fun for anyone.
8)  take plenty of food.  this is obvious, right?!  we ran out once and spent too much of our vacation time searching for a pet store.
9)  dog leash.  not only to walk your pup but also if you are staying with friends/family, it's nice to have a leash for indoors too.  we stayed with my sis-in-law, her husband, and their toddler in north carolina and there was lots of little baby toys on the floor.  having sal on a leash helped control the amount of toys he swallowed.

10)  find a kennel/dog sitter in your destination city.  sometimes you just want a dog-free weekend so researching a reputable kennel in advance is always a great idea.  drop that fur child off and pick him up later!
"But look how sweet I am!  Woofienokennelforme!"
Do you have any tips I should know or hotels you recommend?
Thanks for inviting us over, B!  Salvador sends his love and licks :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Every year Russ and I like to take one big trip together.  It is a good time to re-charge and to spend some good quality time together.  Our first big trip was to Turks and Caicos and last year we went to New York.

I LOVE-LOVE warm, tropical weather so this year we decided to check out Maui!! We are heading to Maui on Saturday so I won't be around these parts BUUUT it behooves (yes I said behooves) you to stick around because I have two awesome guest posters (literally 2 of my all time faves)! Also, when I return I have some good posts planned and my first ever giveaway!

Here are some pics from Turks and Caicos as a teaser for Maui!

could this water be more beautiful?!

the one on the left was mine. it was the BEST tropical drink I've ever had and I have no idea what it is! oops!

We saw some beautiful sunsets and amazing star-filled nights.

This is tannest you will ever see me and it was pretty much gone the next day so take it all in!

Walking along the beach to our last dinner :(

See you all when I return!!