Saturday, August 11, 2012

lunch date

On Friday I knew Russ was going to a baseball game with friends before I was going to be home so we decided to have a lunch date.  He works downtown and I work in Oakland, but they are only about 15 minutes apart by BART (SF's subway).  I also haven't seen his office all set up because I am always at work when he is since he works New York hours and ends at like 1:30pm (rough life huh?).

Because Russ goes to work early, he eats lunch at like 11am.  Needless to say that wasn't going to work for me SOO Russ went and got me lunch while I was commuting and then I ate while the market was closing and he finished up work for the day.

It was really nice to break up the work day and get to see him and his office.  His work set up is pretty awesome so it was fun to see him in action.

Quinoa with black beans, chicken, goat cheese, corn, cucumbers, sprouts and salsa...SOO good (I ate half for lunch and half for dinner!)

Can you believe how many windows he has open on his computer.  His work is like Chinese to me!


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

What a sweet thing to do together :) Do you think it's something you'll continue to do? It does sound like a great work week date xoxox

C'est Law Vie said...

Sounds so fun! Wish I could do the same with G but he works too far away. Does Russ stand all day?

Brooklyn said...

lunch dates are so much fun....unfortunately, we have had one in the past 4 years HA! and what the what is up with all those computer screens and windows?! russ is so fancy :)

Ashley said...

That is the most insane computer screen ever!!! Insane/cool! I wish we could have more lunch dates. They are so much fun!

B said...

@ monica, no Russ doesn't stand all day. His fancy pants desk moves up and down so he can sit OR stand!

lindsay grace said...
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lindsay grace said...

His desk is so fancy, even compared to Cory's old up-and-down desk!

Also, I love the old Mayfield coffee table is now a presence in the SF office!