Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lions, tigers and bears! oh my!

SO as you know, this week has been crazy.  Two hearings down, one to go!  I also went out Tuesday night to the coolest place ever that involved a password and costumes.  That post, my friends, is coming soon.  BUUUUT first things first....the wedding in Santa Barbara.  This wedding was at the zoo and let me tell you, it was awesome!!

We drove down Friday afternoon, which let's be real, was long and tedious, but we got there just in time to meet up with friends and go out!  Then we came home and crashing in this lovely gem (see below)

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel.  This bed was so big and cozy I did not want to get out of ever.

I wanted to take a bubble bath, but didn't end up having time.

At least froggy got to enjoy the tub!

Saturday we got up and went to brunch with friends.  I had delish crab cake with poached egg and arugula. I got too excited about eating it to take a picture. Sorry guys!  However, we also got these cinnamon beignets that I did picture before inhaling.  Feel free to drool.  I am as I am writing this.

Then I spent the rest of the day enjoying the view from the rooftop pool! I know, I know, why did I leave SoCal?  What we do for love!! :)

The bride and groom planned for a trolly car to take us from the hotel to the wedding.  So fun! Only downside was that I basically wasted an hour of my life doing my hair since it looked awful after the 10 min ride!

Our dear pals Cory and Lindsay!  They are the ones we are meeting in Montana this weekend.

Kohls sunnies, BCBG dress, gifted necklace, recycled leather purse, no name shoes.  Isn't Russ handsome with his pocket square and tie bar?! He cleans up perdy good!

After the ceremony we got to take a train ride tour around the zoo.  Turns out that all you get to see is the back of the enclosures, but at least it was comical.

After the train ride we fed the giraffes! Who has giraffe feedings at their wedding!? 

The reception was held on a huge lawn at the zoo that overlooked the ocean.  The sunset was magical.

All in all it was a beautiful, unique and fun wedding.  The best part about the whole thing was seeing how the groom looked at the bride.  I have been to many weddings where I felt the couples' love, but I've never seen any young man look at his bride the way Brian looked at Steffi.  It was such a blessing to witness their pure love and joy.


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Beautiful wedding! What a fun idea to have it at a zoo! I love SB! I read you're from LA but live in SF now?! So funny I'm from NorCal & live in the OC now! I love finding fellow Cali bloggers! New follower!

Dana said...

This wedding reminds me of the one from 500 Days of Summer. It looks like it was a beautiful night.

Holly said...

wow! what a stunning wedding. and i love the dress you wore!