Wednesday, August 15, 2012

gel nails

I LOVE having painted nails....who doesn't?  I am notorious for chipping my nails though.  I have been debating trying gal nails for a while because I heard they can do a number on your nails and they are kind of expensive.

Well two weeks ago I pulled the trigger and decided to give it a try.

This is what they looked like the day of.  I love that when they are done you can touch anything and don't have to worry about smudging them.

Also right after.

Two weeks later.  You can see that they have grown out, but haven't chipped.

Only the one finger (on the left) chipped.

My nails looked totally normal after they took the polish off.

I really enjoyed having painted, unchipped nails.  I didn't get the polish put back on again because I wanted to see how they looked after, but I definitely will do it again.

Have you guys tried gel nails?  What did you think?


Courtney B said...

Those were seriously gel nails? Not shellac? I've never seen nails look normal after having the gel come off! That's AMAZING!! Lucky girl :)

Nicole said...

they have to take it off for you? I have a nail polish obsession so I'll be needing to try this!

Brooklyn said...

i hate painted nails on myself (i know, so random) but yours look great!

Ashley said...

Love love love!!!! I haven't tried them, but my sister gets them a lot and loves them! My nails are in serious need of attention!

Lindsay said...

They looked great! I might have to try this!

casey ann said...

wow, your nails look awesome! i can't believe they looked like that after TWO weeks!? score!

do they have to be removed or did they come off on their own?

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

Wow, I have to agree with Courtney B above. I really love the results, but I have never seen gel nail look like that after the polish was removed. I did mine for a while and stopped because 1) I didn't like all of the exposure to UV light and 2) it was destroying my nails. When I didn't have the polish on they were flimsy and it took me a while to grow them out. They definitely did not look like your nails.

I did just win an at home kit that I am going to give a whirl though.

Nicole Marie said...

i got gel for a solid 6 months. it was awesome! the only problem is my nails grow really fast but i loved not having chipped nails

... said...

I'm obsessed with them. They are the best! Love your blog. xoxo