Monday, September 10, 2012

Brooklyn & Salvador (aka Salvie)

In case you were wondering what I have been up to so far, this pretty much sums it up!
I actually planned ahead and lined up some guest posters this week.  You might end up with more posts than I normally post in a week AND these ladies happen to be some of my faves!  Today we have Brooklyn with the amazingly cute pup Salvador.  I want him.  Like seriously.  Enjoy!!
Hi B in the Bay readers!  
I'm Brooklyn and I blog (whoa! that's a lot of b's) over at Veggie Table.  I'm super excited to be guest posting about two of my favorite subjects: travelling and my pup! Our family of three has made several trips over the years.  In the beginning, I was unprepared but after many "I can't believe we didn't bring that!!" thoughts here are a few tips I want to share:
"Don't let her fool you, she doesn't know it all!  Woofie woof!"
1)  find a pet friendly hotel.  we have stayed at two awesome dog-loving places: Hotel Indigo and Aloft
2)  take plenty of poop bags.  not every park provides these and nobody wants to scoop with their hand, ha!
"The smell of a new city park is the best!  Woof woofiesniff!"
3)  pack extra treats.  yes, your dog might gain a few extra lbs but it's worth it when they are causing a barking scene
4)  toys.  salvador gets bored so the more, the merrier he is.
"Yo Daddyo!  How about giving me a lift across this bridge? Woof!"
5)  doggie brush.  we were visiting chattanooga before we moved here and Sal ran around in an area full of stickers.  they were all up in this fur coat so instead of picking each one, we brushed those suckers right out.
6)  pee pads.  the pom is completely house trained but gets confused in a new place so these porta potty pads come in handy.
"Ahhh!  Love me some beach breeze in my golden locks! Woofieyeahhh!"
7)  bottled water.  this might sound a bit crazytown, usa but we have found that tap water from different cities  upsets his stomach which is never fun for anyone.
8)  take plenty of food.  this is obvious, right?!  we ran out once and spent too much of our vacation time searching for a pet store.
9)  dog leash.  not only to walk your pup but also if you are staying with friends/family, it's nice to have a leash for indoors too.  we stayed with my sis-in-law, her husband, and their toddler in north carolina and there was lots of little baby toys on the floor.  having sal on a leash helped control the amount of toys he swallowed.

10)  find a kennel/dog sitter in your destination city.  sometimes you just want a dog-free weekend so researching a reputable kennel in advance is always a great idea.  drop that fur child off and pick him up later!
"But look how sweet I am!  Woofienokennelforme!"
Do you have any tips I should know or hotels you recommend?
Thanks for inviting us over, B!  Salvador sends his love and licks :)


Brooklyn said...

thanks for having us on your blog :) i know you are having a blast in maui!

Taylor said...

this looks great! and your vacation certainly looks amazing.
ciao from your newest follower! or maybe i should say, aloha...

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I'm so envious of you B! Though today I was happy - it was 21 degrees during the day!! No beach yet though! xoxox

Jenna said...

I love your dog! Is she part pomeranian? I have a pom too. They are the best.

Brooklyn said...

Hey Jenna! He is a pomeranian but the vet (and everyone else) keeps telling us that he's a large one, ha! I agree, Poms are the best! Have a great weekend!

B said...

@taylor thanks so much for stopping by! i am thrilled to have you!

@ Jenna, as brooklyn said, yes he is a pom and even tho ive never met him i am obsessed! thanks so much for stopping by!