Thursday, August 2, 2012

a day in the life of me!

No one has asked, but I thought it was kind of fun when I read Melissa's blog so I figured I would give it a go!  My life isn't nearly as structured as Melissa's (and I am not nearly as good about going to the gym as she is!) but here is my average day...

5:45am- alarm goes off
6:00am- I actually get up
6-645- walk the girls

6:45-7:45 get ready for work
7:45-830- bus and BART to work
8:30-12- work- my work day is not at all structured.  i could be doing anything from writing letters to clients, reviewing files, taking a deposition, making a court appearance, talking to opposing counsel, anything!
12-1- lunch.  I often run and grab food with a co-worker or bring a lunch and eat at my desk while working. super unhealthy, i know! but anything to leave earlier!  every now and then we all eat lunch together on the patio of the roof or in our conference room.  I like these big group lunches, but it just depends on our schedules!
1-5:30- same work as before (meaning it will vary)

Me in a suit...kinda made me think of work!

5:30-615 commute home.
615-730- eat dinner with Russ
7:30-8 walk the girls
8-930 hang with Russ watching the Olympics (now), Deadliest Catch, Mad Men, Selling NY or both reading.
930- Russ goes to bed

This isn't actually our room, but it is actually Russ sleeping :)

930-10/1030- I sneak in some trashy TV like Housewives

10/1030- I go to bed

Like I said, this varies a lot.  Sometimes Russ is with friends, sometimes I am.  On a rare occasion I workout after work.  you know, miracles do happen!!  But this is the gist of my daily grind!

What's you're average day like?!


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a busy day! I'm glad you get in a little "you" time with your trashy tv. :)

Stephanie said...

My average day is all over the place but I, too, sneak in some trashy tv time when the bf goes to bed. :)

Nicole said...

you are an early bird! and trash tv is a must. a MUST!

what does Russ do for work?

Brooklyn said...

ha, forrest goes to sleep first too and i stay up to watch Chelsea Lately! my day looks similar to yours....minus the lawyering stuff and my commute to work is literally 2 mins, haha! i know, i'm lucky but whoooo knowsss what it could be once we move! Ek! Anyway, have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

Ashley said...

Kinda off topic....but I really want to start watching Mad Men. I need a show while Revenge is taking a break!

nicole said...

guilty pleasure: RHONJ. Can't get enough of how crazy they are!