Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my state of mind lately.

As I mentioned, things have been busy lately.  I got a little overwhelmed and mentally/physically exhausted.  I haven't had any "me" time and any rest.

Also, lately I have been struggling for the first time with our move to SF.  I still love the city and I am happy here, but it has been gloomy lately and it is hard adjust.  I see all my friends enjoying BBQs, the beach, heat, summer dresses, etc and I miss it.  Mostly I miss the generally festive atmosphere that comes with summer weather.

I know I have no right to complain and I am really not, but this is also my first time working full time in the summer.  I do love my job, but it is an adjustment to have so little time for yourself and to do stupid things like laundry.  Welcome to adulthood!

The combination of moving to SF, moving in with Russ, working full time, etc. has all started to wear on me lately and I was feeling a little down.

I knew that I needed some time to get some peace and relax.  This weekend was just that so not to worry, I am feeling like me again.  I just wanted to explain why I wasn't posting and where my head has been.


Lindsay said...

Come hang out with me this weekend. It's a lot warmer here.

C'est Law Vie said...

Girl, I feel you. Moving is always an adjustment. When we moved to WC I was depressed for a few months (no joke)! I was also working full-time for the first time. Being an adult IS hard, and change is hard. I also get you on the lack of "me" time...I have been feeling that way a lot lately. You're not alone!

Let's definitely do a girls day in the East Bay once G leaves in a couple weeks. We can lounge around, go shopping, and enjoy the warm weather!

Hang in there! Hugs!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I've been feeling some of this exhaustion recently as well. I agree ... working full-time and then trying to do the other 12 million things can be tough. Throw in some bad weather and oh yeah, not easy at all. Glad you had a good weekend and are back at it!

LindseyC said...

Come take a mini vaca to the warmest spot in the bay - Alameda!!!! :)

B said...

@ Monica- yes let's! i would love that!

@ Lindsey- I def wanna have a meet up! I am out of town this weekend but maybe sometime soon. Have you made it into the city at all yet?!

Ashley said...

Totally understandable. You need to make sure you are taking care of yourself and doing things you love. So glad you were able to be rejuvenated this past weekend.

You should for sureeee meet up with Lindsay...I'm so jealous...I want to be there with you two!!

Nicole Marie said...

that is really a hard thing about sf... the non summer is such a bummer especially when every one else is enjoying it... if you can cross the bridges and enjoy napa, the east bay, stinson, russian river etc for the day.
most likely you'll be so sunburnt and hot you'll be happy to come back to the chilly foggy city ;)

Brooklyn said...

so many changes all at once - definitely understandable. take care of yourself first and of course, i/all your readers will be here once you are back in action :)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

yeah, the summer in San Francisco can be rough. I wore the wrong thing constantly for the first year I lived here.

Glad to hear that you got some "me" time to regroup.