Monday, June 18, 2012

surprise weekend

Friday night I came home and Russ and I made margs and had pizza.  I had to get up SUPER early Saturday morning so this was a good way to celebrate Friday and relax too.

All the ingredients

the master at work

and the delicous final product!

heaven in a box

the epitome of all of my Friday nights...

Saturday I had to get up early because I was flying to LA to surprise my dad for father's day.  My brother drove up from San Diego and got me from the airport and we showed up at my dad's door! He was totally shocked.  He is an awesome dad and well worth the effort.
Within the first 30 minutes of being home, my dad's little pup Jakey broke his toenail off and had to go to the vet! Poor lil guy

He didn't like his cast and kept shaking his foot.
We spent the rest of the day Saturday hanging out and shopping.  We also got some amazing gelato.

this place did a mini trio so its a small ice cream, but you get to try 3 flavors=heaven.  I got mint chocolate, 3 vanilla, and coffee w sea salt and carmel.
Saturday night we went to a fancy steak dinner and had some amazing mac n cheese.  No pictures because I felt weird taking them in a nice restaurant (sorry guys, but it's the truth).  Sunday morning we had a yummy breakfast and hung out until I had to fly back.

I was NOT ready to return, but luckily I had seeing Russ and the girls to look forward to.  In fact, Russ' parents were visiting our place in the city for father's day so I got to have a delicious pizza and wine dinner with them (sensing a theme here?!  yes my weekends revolve around food, often pizza!)

How was your weekend?!


Melissa said...

i love how your friday nights look!
ahhh poor puppy too.
i also am now hungry...and i just got done eating dinner!
really random comments, i know.
have a good week! :)

Lindsay said...

I bet your dad was super excited to have both you and your brother home. Glad you had a good weekend and got to spend Father's day with your dad.

bobbi said...

How wonderful of you and your brother! And, YUM re: your Friday night. YUM. :)

Brooklyn said...

oh, this entire post made me drool on my keyboard....especially the margs! is it 5 o'clock yet? ha!

Nicole Marie said...

what a great daughter you are to fly down! i'm sure he was so happy you were there!