Monday, June 25, 2012

the rest of my weekend...

As you know, I was a lazy bum on Friday night and Saturday morning I ran my fist 5K.  After that Russ took me to breakfast to celebrate.  I was too hungry to take pics, but it was amazing!!

I spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and I treated my running feet to a pedicure!

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with Jane Austen.

Saturday night we got dinner and drinks with friends, but I didn't take pictures (I know, I know...Im sorry).

Sunday we took the girls to the beach and I took tons of pictures!

The girls made a lot of friends at the beach today

We had to cross a little river

They did surprisingly well!

flying Brussy!!

two more new friends


Brooklyn said...

hold up, are they not on leashes?! i would give anything to let Salvador go without but he would run away! once he slipped through the front door that Forrest accidentally left cracked and he bolted! we can't even let him out in the FENCED IN back yard because he eats everything...including cement, ha!

Nicole said...

i want our dogs to meet. they would be best friends. obvi! Also, your hat is super cute!

elizalouise.bell said...

which beach do you guys frequent? It looks beautiful there that day! I know it's been kinda rainy, but not awf.


Katie Cook said...

fun fun fun:) you are too cute!

Lindsay said...

Yay for your first 5K! How did it go?

April said...

Jane Austen is the best. I'm reading Mansfield Park right now!

Anonymous said...

Post-race pedi is a must! Great color choice. Also we need to get our dogs together, they would have so much fun!

Kindly Kait said...

Your first 5k!!! So so proud of you!! How was it?!
xo Kait

Jenni Austria Germany said...

how refreshing to see the word 'edward' on a page and have it NOT be twilight. bravo!

~Orianne~ said...

I like the pix and your blog!

I follow.



Patty said...

Oh my goodness!! Those little paws in the water are so cute!! I love beaches and puppies... perfect combo :)