Wednesday, June 20, 2012

London on the brain

Happy First Day of Summer!

London in the summer is one of my favorite places.  The first time I went to London was when I was studying abroad in France.  My best friend, Shelby, was studying in Ireland so we met up in London.

I fell in love quickly, but it was just a short weekend trip so I knew I'd be back!

me and Shelby at Buckingham Palace

Then, the next summer I went to Belgium, England, Ireland and Scotland with my dad.  Needless to say all of those countries are amazing, but I was still partial to London.  We also didn't spend too much time there and since it was my dad's first time, we did a lot of the same tourist attractions that I had seen with Shelby (sadly I do not have any pictures from this because I lost them all in an unfortunate computer crash without back up incident....i know, i know).

Finally, the next summer when I was in law school, I had the opportunity to take summer school in London.  I jumped on it!  I spent 2 blissful months exploring London with my friend Shannon.  We also got to go to Brighton and Cambridge.  In Cambridge we went "punting" which is where you go on a boat that is pushed around by a guy with a giant pole thingy. We missed the memo that you are supposed to be drunk when you do this, but regardless we had the BEST time!  We also went dancing, had tea, picniced in the park, ate pub food, saw Billy Elliot, shopped at Harrods, the works!  London is one of my all time favorite cities and it is still on my wish list to live there someday! 

Shannon and me

This is us in Brighton.


Tea and treats at L'Orangerie

Probably the best picture ever.  Mostly because it was completely unplanned to have Harrods in the background like that!

Do you have a favorite city?


Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

Hey! You are such the world traveler!! My favorite city would have to be Lahaina in Maui. It's so fun, relaxed, and of course the weather is beautiful!!
PS- your comments have a captcha stopper, you can turn that off in settings!

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

it's the test that pops up to prove that " you are not a robot" and you have to type in the words/letters that you see. So when you go to settings, then comments, you can see the option to turn off captcha. does that make sense?

Brooklyn said...

Looks like so much fun! I've never been to London but my dad says it's incredible - he used to visit for business trips. Anyway, my favorite city in the whole world would definitely be Madrid! Between the beautiful buildings, the street cafes, the nice people, and the laid back atmosphere...I would move tomorrow, ha!

Stephanie said...

You're such a world traveler! I'd love to go to London some day.

Ashley said...

I've never been to London but always dream about it!!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i've been to london, but it was gloomy the WHOLE time. not sunny like your beautiful photos.

favorite city? that is so hard to answer. i'd say not yet.

i'm such a hopeless romantic.

B said...

@ brooklyn, I have never been to Madrid...or anywhere in Spain. I def want to go there and esp after your rave!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

London is the best!

cynthia said...

I think London would be my favorite city, if I had ever been there. ;) I love everything about it. Especially the history.
For now, though, my 2 favorites are Kihei (on Maui) and Cambria, CA. We love to camp and wine taste around there, visit Hearst Castle, stroll through Cambria's shops and walk on the beach. :)

~Orianne~ said...

My favorite city is Lausanne in Switzerland.