Monday, May 7, 2012

the green mile

I had never seen this before Russ and I watched it Friday night.  At first I liked it a lot, then I was horrified, then I liked it a lot, then I was sad, then it was over.

At one point in the movie, one of the main characters makes a speech and at the end he says:

Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time. Can you understand?

Sometimes I think this is SO true.  It literally make me ill to think of what goes on in this world and the horrible things people do to each other.  I studied African politics in college and saw a lot of this first hand.  

women doing laundry by hand

a ghetto outside of Capetown, South Africa

A prison where the government kept blacks during apartheid

But then in little ways people can be ugly too.  For example, my first time filing this paper at court for work this woman chewed me out for not having something right.  It was my first time, it was an honest (and easy to fix) mistake and yet she was so rude.  That kind of rudeness is not necessary ever and it's so easy to avoid.  

SO I am going to try to make a concerted to effort to remember to be gracious to people, be patient and not be so demanding.  There is too much ugliness out there for me to add to it over  silly things.
I felt for John Coffey in this moment, but then I also wanted to say "it's ok John, there is so much goodness too!"  People can be so kind; this blog has shown me that time and again, along with many others.  Keep spreading the pretty and the good!
beautiful view from Table Mountain, South Africa
sweet children in a rural village outside of Johannesburg, South Africa


cynthia said...

Lovely thoughts and a good thing to remember. (And that book is REALLY good, too!) :)

LindseyC said...

Good realization. I loved that movie, actually. I cried my eyes out. It's been AGES since I've seen it though - and now I want to watch it again!!!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I haven't seen this movie but after reading your post, I feel like I must read it straight away. You've shared such beautiful sentiments here B. And your photos are just beautiful.

PS you might be interested in this inspirational story of a young girl and the related giveaway, I hope you're able to take a look :)

Ashley said...

I've never seen the movie. Love movies that stir up emotion and definitely those movies that make us want to do things better.

Katie Cook said...

this is so lovely:) the sermon this weekend was on giving grace, and giving grace and giving grace, and never stopping. i loved that idea, and it's really challenged me this week already! much love girl:)

I am Megan said...

You've been to South Africa? I live in Joburg :)

Your pics are pretty!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

you want to know something crazy?

i dreamed about south africa last night.

i've never been there. and i've never dreamed about it before.