Wednesday, May 9, 2012

couch to 5k update

Week 4 was the hardest week so far for me.  It is definitely getting hard on the first day of each week.  It is encouraging that the second and third runs from each week do get easier though.  I am a little scared, but as part of my "To Dos" this weekend, I signed up for a 5k as promised!

I picked this one because it is in the city and its the only race shortly after my training. Any of my SF readers wanna come run it too!? the more the merrier!

This week, Week 5 has been SUPER hard...because I havent run at all!  The hard part has been finding time after working late to go.  My plan was to run tomorrow morning before work (i.e. before I am exhausted), but now I have to drive to Sacramento tomorrow for work.  This means I have to leave my house at like 630am....WOW.  Could be worse though, I could be unemployed again!

I am going to make a serious effort to "just do it" after work today.  Fingers crossed for me!


Kindly Kait said...

You rock! I think it's so awesome you're doing C25K! And it's even more awesome you're blogging about it. I've so slacked off on exercising, oh just for like 2 years (ha!), so you are definitely inspiring me! Get 'em girl!

Brooklyn said...

good luck girl! i know you can do it! when i first started running races i had to remind myself that it was perfectly ok to take a few walking breaks...just finishing was my goal, ha!

Lindsay said...

You're doing great! Much better than me! Keep it up!

Ashley said...

So excited that you signed up for one! I know it's so hard to run after work....I have no inspiring words except you can do it!!!

Giovanna said...

Oh wow! I have that app but only used it for like a week! lol Good Luck with your race!!


Nicole said...

you can totally do it. Whenever I feel like I really really don't want to go out for a run- I start small, like...first I'll just put on my running clothes and see how I feel...then, lets just start walking..then, ok jog a bit...and before you know it, it is over!

LindseyC said...

Morgan is a professional sailor in the America's Cup!
It's pretty awesome and I love going to events with him… your town is going to be crazy with America's Cup stuff starting next summer! I think our first event there is in September this year???