Monday, May 14, 2012

Builder B

My mom got me and Russ under the bed drawers as a house warming gift.  When she came and visited and saw how messy under our bed was, I think she couldn't help herself.  Either way, I love them!


I thought I would be tough and build them myself!  When I took the pieces out and looked at the directions, I was completely puzzled!  I was just about ready to give up all hope when I realized that there were two drawers! It totally explained all the extra pieces I couldn't figure out what to do with!  When I realized it, I shouted "OMG! LIFE CHANGING!" haha Russ thought this was a little dramatic, but seriously?!  How was I supposed to know there were two drawers?  There was only one in the picture!

Anyways, I got it all done and it looks great and matches perfectly! Thanks mom!

As I was writing this, Russ said "oh no Im gonna look like the a**hole that didn't help you build those."  I love how this blog holds people accountable :)

BTW as a side note- anyone who has their settings so that if they comment you can't reply to them should change that.  If you comment on my blog and I don't respond, it is because you have a "no-reply" feature set up.  I only mention this because I didn't want people to think I don't care enough to reply.  I always feel bad not replying to your comments.  OK...tangent over. Thanks!


Mama B said...

They look perfect! I'm glad! It's hard to tell when you order online. Way to go putting them together. That is a HUGE first for you. You made your Momma proud!

Brooklyn said...

Hmmm, I need to learn more about this no reply feature! Is that why I can't ever reply directly to blog comments? I'm always doing the @blabla @blehbleh

LindseyC said...

Sweet drawers, girl!

B said...

@brooklyn, probably! I just know that when you comment I can't just reply to you in email like I do with a lot of people. replying in email is just easier so i dont always come onto my own blog and comment back

Stephanie said...

Nice job, Ms. Builder! The drawers look great.

I know what you mean about the no-reply thing. I always feel so terrible when I can't respond to someone!

Nicole said...

i'm seriously impressed- i usually get super frustrated when I build things and end up hurting myself somehow. and YES with the no-reply thing!! I might have to post a reference to this, too!

Lindsay said...

Great job lady! That looks awesome and what a great idea!