Monday, May 21, 2012

Bay to Breakers and Brother

My older brother lives in San Diego.  We are pretty darn close and he just had his birthday so he came up to SF to celebrate with me and Russ and do Bay to Breakers.

Bay to Breakers is on Sunday so Friday night I laid low (shocking I know).  Saturday I went running.  Best run ever.  I went running through the Golden Gate along the water.  Perfect weather, great views and my longest and fastest run yet! (2.25 miles, pace of 8:16)

Then my brother arrived and we got lunch and went costume shopping.  The we got drinks with friends and called it a night early because Bay to Breakers starts early Sunday morning.

Bay to Breakers is a crazy "run" in SF.  Normal people run the race and following them is a slew (sp?) of drunk people in costume or even naked (it is SF!).  The run goes from the Bay to the Breakers all the way through the city.  We decided to be the costume wearing drinkers who followed the runners.

We got dressed up as lifeguards and headed out with our supplies at 7:30am.  We brought adult beverages, water, snacks, sunscreen, toilette paper and hand sanitizer.  The race is a 12k and the only bathrooms are porta potties so TP and sanitizer a requirement!

me and lauren

russ, me, marc (my bro)

people on the roofs

people hanging out windows

people everywhere

me, lauren, marc, monique

monique, me, lauren

We met up with friends and had an awesome time.  We were home and on the couch with pizza by about 3pm and in bed by 9pm.  I woke up feeling sluggish this morning, but a cool walk with the girls woke me right up!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe another beautiful sunny day in SF. Looks like you had fun. I think too many people for me!

Brooklyn said... - so much fun in SF! Looks like a ton of runners but I think you made a good choice by being the drunk walkers, haha!

Kindly Kait said...

Oh my, this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!
I have to tell you, I've been talking myself out of getting up off my fat butt and running for like a year. I even have the C25K app on my iphone and haven't used it... until two weeks ago when you inspired me with your C25K update post. So, I ran Day 1 of Week 2 yesterday. Wahoo! THANK YOU... For unknowingly inspiring a lazy girl like me! BTW, do you use the C25K phone app? It's my favorite thing ever. xo Kait

Ashley said...

Sounds so fun!! I love the picture with the people hanging out the windows!!

Lindsay said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't believe how packed the streets are. I'm coming to SF soon and we're hanging out ok?! That wasn't really a question, it was a statement. :)

Nicole said...

first off, your mile times are unreal! that is SUPER fast lady!! I have no doubt at all that you could do a half with me this fall ;) you just need to slow your pace down a bit!!

second, this bay to breakers looks so much fun. Love it!

Katie Cook said...

How fun!!! you are adorable as a life guard!! and i'm so surprised SF was that sunny and warm, nice work bay area! love Katie

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

AHHHH!! hilarious and awesome! i totally would have done this with you.

LindseyC said...

Ahhh that is amazing!!!! And gave me goosebumps. I officially CAN NOT wait to live in SF!!!! We found out the date… the second week of August! I can hardly contain myself. Let the apartment shopping commence!!!

Mo (New on U) said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe next year I'll be able to join you... This waiting game is killing me!