Tuesday, April 10, 2012

vacay yay!

Russ and i have been dating for two years and in each of those years we have done one big vacay.  These trips have been two of the best vacations I have ever been on and I really look forward to our next trip every year.  It's a great time for us to bond and relax together.  We have very similar travel styles and schedules so he is definitely my favorite travel buddy.

The first year we went to Turks & Caicos.  We rented a place with a little kitchenette so we were able to have breakfast and lunch in the room and enjoy nicer dinners out.  We did pretty much nothing but swim and lay on the beach.  My favorite part of every day was around 5pm when no one was left on the beach and the sun was beginning to set, Russ and I would go in for our last swim of the day.  We would wrestle and play and I remember laughing so hard I couldn't breath and just being so happy.  We did this everyday before going back to get dressed for dinner.  Then after dinner we would walk along the beach at night and look at the stars.  Best trip ever.

the water really looked like that


one of our walks down the beach to dinner

Our next trip was to New York.  I'd never been before so we spent a few days in the city and then we spent a few days in upstate NY at his family's camp.  This place has been in his family forever.  Every year you go, you have to sign in this log book.  I read entries from when Russ' was three years old...so cute! Maybe someday our kids will read about our first visit there together ;)

With our friends David and Shannon at the top of the Empire State Building.  
They introduced us so we are forever in their debt!

At Battery Park

Statute of Liberty tour

Times Square

Then hurricane Irene hit and we bought over-priced ponchos in a vain attempt to stay dry

Russ' family camp

on the dock at the cabin

canoeing on the lake

SO for our next big trip we are going to MAUI!!! I have been to Hawaii before, but never Maui so I am really excited.  The only bummer is that I am so excited and I have to wait until September to go!!  You guys can count down with me....only 150 days (haha assuming i even counted that correctly, which is unlikely as Russ' has determined "that im not a math person")


Brooklyn said...

What awesome trips you guys have been on!!! Maui - ahhhhhhhhhhh jealous!!!!! I'll count down with you...can't wait to see pics from that vacation!

Lindsay said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm jealous of your Maui trip. Can I stow away in your suitcase?

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

this is great! the boy and i plan one big trip each year too. this year we're going to OBX (Outerbanks, NC) next month and i can't wait! I would love to go to Turks & Caicos! Your pics are amaze.

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow turks and caicos, i definitely want to go there some day!! it looks beyond beautiful. and maui wow lucky you.

Nicole said...

pardon me whilst I figure out how to hide in your suitcase...

Andrea Dickherber said...

Those beach photos look sooo relaxing. My hubs and I went to NYC for the first time this past fall, and it was a blast, too!
Maui sounds like it'll be amazing!

Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

Ashley said...

Maui!!! That's incredible. Noel and I went to Turks and Caicos on our honeymoon. It was soooo beautiful. Love your pictures.

Anonymous said...

We've been trying to go to NY for such a long time. We always research for decent hotels, but never find anything that is remotely affordable!

When we went to Hawaii, we went in September as well. It was not so crowded since everybody was back in school and it was cheaper haha :)