Thursday, April 5, 2012

a little bit of home

**I wrote this blog yesterday, but stupid blogger would not let me upload the pics! sorry its late**

pretty flowers someone gave my dad

fresh breakfast

our family dog, jakey catchin some sun

beautiful socal weather

home grown lemons

my dads neighbor has this awesome garden and chicken coop. notice the rooster? i desperately want a garden and chickens like this someday.

thank you all for your prayers and warm wishes.  as some of you already know, i am sooo happy and relieved to report that the amazing doctors here were able to fix my dad's aneurysm.  he is slowly recovering at home.  i have been nurse B- running errands, cooking healthy meals, and doing everything i can think of around the house so that when i leave tomorrow my dad will have no excuse to do anything but relax.  he is notoriously a bad patient and a bad relaxer so i stayed a day longer than originally intended to be sure that he took it easy and followed the doctor's orders.

since ive been here, the weather has been incredibly warm and lovely (like everywhere in the country but SF).  so far ive loved living in SF, but it has been had to be in this warm weather and think of going back to the cold!

my number one draw is mister russell! ive only been gone a few days, but i do miss him terribly! i know im such a baby! russ takes extreme pleasure in annoying me and he gets this smirk on his face when he knows he is succeeding. i miss being annoyed by him and i miss that smirk. thats how you know i love him haha.

i miss my little Bs too. they've never been without me in SF and i guess bijou hasn't been too happy i left her.  russ said that first night she kept running down the hall to the front door sniffing around and looking for me= heartbreaking!

im heading home tomorrow afternoon and then i will work friday as usual and then it is easter weekend! i am so excited for easter, but ill post more about that later.

thanks again for all the love! you guys rock!



Melissa said...

glad your dad is doing well. gorgeous pictures! :)

Nicole said...

and SO happy to hear your dad is doing better- it is always so scary to have a parent be ill (esp when you're so used to them taking care of you, not vice versa!)

your dad is lucky to have such a sweet daughter to take care of him!

ps: on another note- so jealous of your lemon tree. Dang Maine and it's too cold weather...

Lindsay said...

So glad your dad is doing well. Can we please take a trip to SoCal and the warm weather?

Megan said...

so glad your dad is okay girl!! and jealous your home in LA!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

Aw i'm so sad to hear about your dad, but thrilled he is okay!