Monday, March 12, 2012

weekend summary

friday night russ went out to dinner w a friend. i ate leftovers lying on the couch FINALLY watching the HELP. not gonna lie guys, i didn't love the movie the way i did the book. so sad.
then i went to bed at 10pm (yes i am 80 on the inside)

saturday we went to a cool restaurant in SF.

it looked like this from the outside and i was skeptical...

but then we entered and it was this cute patio with nice views

russ and his friend from elementary school, max

the views/atmosphere were great. the food was good, but not amazing.

 Saturday we went out to russ' hometown to visit friends.  we went to dinner and then went out to play darts, where i promptly learned that darts are not my calling
pat and morgan workin out the rules

morgan and me....we both hated this pic but i posted it anyways cause i love morgan and wanted her on here :)

as we were leaving out the back door we saw wet cemet and russ wrote this in it with his key
(this is where i leave out the part where i told him to do it so you all think he is super mushy!)

then sunday we ran errands since we were in the burbs and did laundry. one of our tasks was getting new tags for the girls with our new address. they used to be carved into metal but now they are high tech and do it with a laser...check it out!

happy monday guys!
xo, B

PS- we are this on Thursday night and i wanted to share because it was amazing! yes we ate french fries and kale for dinner :)


Lindsay said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm thinking we need a girls in the bay area dinner soon!

Brooklyn said...

Ahhh, I'm so jealous of all your restaurant options! Lower Alabama is full of chain, chain, and more chain restaurants :( Looks like a blast of a weekend!!!

Ashley said...

You are so gorgeous!!!

Even though the food wasn't great, glad the view was amazing!!

B said...

thanks ashley! you are soooo sweet! you totally just made my day!