Monday, March 26, 2012

weekend review

we went up to Tahoe this weekend to get away and it was amazing! we went snowboarding on Saturday, snow shoed and ate lots of yummy food cooked by russ' mom and dad.  

I love snow boarding, but I hate ski lifts.  When I was a kid, I had a little incident where i fell off the lift getting off and it hit me in the back of the head and i slid backwards under it= traumatized.  ive held this with me and get serious anxiety when i have to get off them.  the first run we went on this trip, i almost started crying it was so intense.  however, russ calmed me down and told me to think "just go strait." that helped and it actually seemed to work!  this trip i only fell once getting off (which is a serious record for me) and the one time wasn't really my fault because the ski lift stopped abruptly just as we were about to get off! russ said it doenst count so im takin it! go me! :)

After we went snowboarding russ made me snow shoe to the top of this mountain. i thought i was going to die about halfway up. he didnt relent tho so i had to keep going. i made it to the top and i got a kiss= totally worth it (minus the fact that i cannot walk today).

this is me in the beginning before i knew russ intended to go all the way up

this is me trying to breath and smile

the view from the top

it was so steep we decided to slide down. the girls were struggling so i decided they should ride on my lap. we caught a lot of speed (notice brussy's ears) and it got a little out of hand. i had no idea you could get "snow burn" but i now know you can.

near the bottom we could walk again

B&B handling the snow like champs. i could not believe Bijou agreed to pee in the snow. props to her! i sure as heck wouldnt!

sunday we had flurries 

brussy was hunting in the snow and would dig holes with her mouth trying to find things...she never found anything but more snow .

Bijou enjoying the heated floor :)

On the drive home we felt like we were in Ireland.  It was soo green and pretty (beautifully photographed by russell ;)

Bijou has made progress in the car. she went under the blankie and half laid down.  she did not, however, give up panting. one can dream.

what did you guys do this weekend?

Happy Monday!
xo, B


Brooklyn said...

Hahaha, that picture of you and the pups flying down the slope is absolutely AWESOME! What a fun weekend!!!

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great weekend! I'm jealous, I want to play in the snow!

B said...

@brooklyn, haha yea i didnt even realize how fast we were going when the pic was taken until russ pointed out brussys ears. it was pretty fun on the way down!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

that is traumatizing! i tried snowboarding back in high school and it was so hard! i ended up falling on my head and getting hurt, so ever since then i've stuck with skiing. i like being able to use both legs :)