Wednesday, March 7, 2012

unemployment update

I've heard that my age group has been the hardest hit job-wise since the economy crash.  As you guys know,  I am unemployed.  With law school, you go for three years, but traditionally you get a job offer for after the bar in between your second and third year.  The economy crashed during my first year so that pretty much didn't happen for most of us.

Regardless, I started applying to jobs then (about 1.5 years ago).  One can apply to A LOT of freaking jobs in 1.5 years.  Now I did work in LA and I wasn't applying constantly the whole time, but I did apply to probably 100+ jobs (thats a lot!).

Anyway, before we moved to SF I was really scared to move here and commit to paying rent and to have to deal with school loans with no job and the potential of going months without one.  After much discussion, prayer and contemplation, I felt like I was being compelled to go and that it was my job to take a leap of faith.  Leap I did and things seem to be falling into place.

Friends, family and acquaintances here have been so kind, encouraging.  Many have reached out and offered contacts and support.

A friend from high school who now lives in SF and works at a law firm saw my blog and emailed me offering to pass my resume along to his boss.  This was SO unexpected and kind since we hadn't spoken in years.  This act of kindness led to a temporary job that I start tomorrow or Friday (yayay! I think Russ is happiest about this just to get me out of the house so I stop distracting him while he is working). This MAY turn into a permanent job later, but I have also been interviewing for a couple other jobs.

I feel such huge relief to have a job to tide me over and prospects for something more.  Taking leaps of faith are not really part of my character (im not really the bold type), but I've been trying to be more bold.  Having faith pays in point, me.

I can't seem to post without pics...soo here are some law-related ones!
me with my degrees. we wear funny berets at graduation..they literally just rest on top of your head and you feel like your head is too fat for them.  fat heads after you cram in a thousands of rules! blah!

me taking the oath. i dont remember what it actually was because i was so scared i would mess it up! (don't worry i do remember the ethics portion of the bar!)

Happy Hump Day!


C'est Law Vie said...

Yay, that is such great news! I know how tough the legal market is right now & am so happy for you. Good luck on your first day!

B said...

Thanks so much!

Brooklyn said...

Congrats on the temp jobby job!! The husband is a lawyer so I know you worked your butt off in school / studying for the bar so I really hope your dream job lands in your lap very soon!

B said...

thanks brooklyn! i had no idea your hubby was a lawyer! what kind of law does he practice?

Stephanie said...

Congrats!! The bay area is a tough market for legal jobs - that so awesome that things are working out for you!

Melissa said...

Congrats! Thanks for checking out my blog! :)

B said...

of course! thanks for checkin out mine!

Nicole said...

woo hoo! What good news, congrats! btw, you are already a huge rock star for passing the California bar. :)

Brooklyn said...

Forrest does social security and disability and maybe something else (? ha - I don't pay that much attention). He basically travels around the southeast to different hearings every single day....good thing he doesn't mind being in a car :)