Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SO full

we just got back from dinner at Pizzaria Delfina (yes we went to dinner at 530 pm like grandparents. Russ works NY hours so he has an just old, sorry!) and i am SO full! it's a cute little place thats always busy. when you walk in, you write your name on a chalkboard to get a table, but Russ and I decided to skip the wait and sit at the bar.  From the bar you can watch them cook and it is very cool.

Russ had fancy ginger ale

I, on the other hand, had wine. i like wine, what can i say? it's not drinking alone if there are other people present, right?

tricolore salade with fresh grated parmesan

margherita pizza

they add that drizzle of fresh olive oil when you take it out.  it was delish! the only thing I would change is to add more basil!

when we were finishing up we saw one of the chefs doing something with a bowl of goo and water.  I was very confused but intrigued so of course i made Russ ask him what he was doing haha

he was stretching fresh mozzerella!

brilliant! btw are you seeing these delicious looking things in the foreground of the picture!!? heaven!

completely unrelated, but Russ' parents got us this beautiful vase as a house warming and I love it so much im posting it on here for you all to see.
don't look at the dust all over our table and point out how bad of a housekeeper i am...just look up at the pretty flowers and pretend the rest doesn't exist...thats what i do ;)

the end.


Anonymous said...

Don't let your mom know you are a bad housekeeper - she trained you better than that! :D

Anonymous said...

Don't let your mom know you are a bad housekeeper - she trained you better than that! :D

Jes said...

first time at your blog and i am just dying over this post. i just moved away from sf to portland last year and i miss it terribly!

xx jes

Brooklyn said...

That food looks delicious!!!!! Love the vase and flowers!

Nicole said...

that salad. I must have it. Please send to me post haste. :)

B said...

@jen thanks so much for stopping by my blog! im sorry youre not in SF anymore. ive been to portland a handful of times and they have awesome food too and great stuff to do. my best friend is from there so if you need any tips or recommendation, email and id be happy to get the low down for you!

B said...

@brooklyn...oh nice! good for him! haha yea he better like the car if thats what he does! at least he has you a and the Pom to come home to!

Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

yum yum - that pizza is amazeballs.