Thursday, March 22, 2012


this week at work has been very busy, hence the lack of posting. however, i passed the 1000 pageviews marker and that made me very excited! thanks for stopping by even tough i've kind of sucked this week!  the good news is that im loving my job so at least my absence is for something good.

tm is friday and russ and i are escaping the city and heading to the mountains! his parents have a house up there and we cannot wait to enjoy the snow, trees and fresh air.  theres something about reconnecting with nature that grounds a person. also the girls (B&B) have never seen snow before so this is gonna be good! i cant wait! ill be taking lots of pictures and sharing them on monday!

also, bay area bloggers, come to this meet up! its gonna be awesome! the date says April ? but right now it is scheduled fro April 14 at 1:30. lunch and nice ladies, what could be better!?



Brooklyn said...

So glad you are enjoying the new jobby job! Wish I was in the Bay Area...would love to meet up :) Bama is a bit far to travel from though, ha!

C'est Law Vie said...

That's in my 'hood...maybe I will see you there!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! deserve it!!

B said...

@brooklyn, haha yea it might be a little too far for you :(((

@monica yes please come!!!

@ashley, thanks so much!

Lindsay said...

Have fun playing in the snow! I'm jealous!!!