Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my best friend...

I have been reading a lot about girlfriends on other peoples' blogs and decided to share with you all about my best friend.  my best friend is Shelby.  She is pretty awesome. 

we met in college because we were in the same sorority.  we decided to live together with 2 other girls our sophomore year.  we didn't actually like each other, but then one weekend our other two roomies (who both had boyfriends) left to go visit them and we were stuck together.

we went to the beach and hung out and realized we actually have a lot in common and get along really well.  since then we have stayed really close.

shelby is married to an amazing man who loves and adores her and serves our country as an army ranger. her first year of marriage she endured an entire year away from him while he was deployed in Iraq. i get upset when russ goes away for the weekend.  this girl is strong!

now they have the cutest (im not exaggerating) little son named Hunter.

shelby is a wife, a mother, and a brilliant (graduated with a 4.0, like seriously who does that?) physician's assistant.  she is the kind of friend who always remembers your birthday and sends nice cards for no reason. she is always there for you and always makes you want to be a better person. and she runs marathons...pregnant! i am so honored to be her best friend.

She is going to kill me for this, but this was the night of initiation of our sorority. clearly we were very sleep deprived at this point.

we studied abroad at the same time...me in France, her in Ireland and we met in London

celebrating her birthday 

could she be more beautiful? and what an awesome hubby!
i cried the whole freaking time...it was the best wedding ever!
at her baby shower.

and the wedding led to this little guy! this is when i first met him at about 1 month old.  he is older now and doesnt look anything like this. he is still beyond cute tho!


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

my goodness, yes!! she is beautiful. and sounds like an amazing friend.

oh, little hunter. what a cutie pie!

Melissa said...

oh my gosh! i love this post. im probably going to have to steal this idea.

Ashley said...

You both are GORGEOUS!! I cried like crazy at my best friend's wedding also.

Nicole said...

aw, cute post! Best friends are great:)

ShelbyJo said...

Oh my goodness. How am I just not reading this?? I did a google search for the blog the other day because I am computer illiterate but couldn't find it. Chant, you are so sweet and truly the best friend girl could ask for. Those pictures make me so happy to see all the life events we have gone through together. Can't wait for many more years of them!

ShelbyJo said...