Monday, March 12, 2012

monday confessions (link up)

im link up crazed! woop woop! i got another one from Mo so here goes nothing....


1.  i confess... i have blog withdrawls when im at work now...seriously so obsessed...hence the lunch break blogging.
2.  i confess... i feel cool riding the bus. i like to pretend im a local when really i have to look up online which bus to take like everyday and im so paranoid im gonna miss my stop, i follow our route on the map on my phone.  sadly, that doesn't always help...on friday i got off the wrong stop, then got disoriented and walked right past my own house.  clearly im good with directions, buses and being a smooth local!
3. i confess...i legitimately love doing laundry, but hate putting it away and often leave it folded in the basket for a very long time.
4. i confess... that i dont know how to "grab a button" or do just about any blog techy stuff. i tried to click on it or copy and past it, but those didnt work...what the heck does grab a button mean!? i swear im not trying to skimp on giving really that pathetic. see...

<a href= ""><img src="" /></a>

5.  i confess... that i like to snuggle with Brussy so much that i have to make a concerted effort to give her space becasue she gets too attached to me (im already too attached to her)
6. i confess...that my dog walker tweets about the walk my dogs go on and i follow them when im at work and get excited to see what they are doing.  when i have kids someday they are going to hate me.


Lindsay said...

Kudos on even being brave enough to take the bus by yourself! I am sure I would get lost!

Mo (New on U) said...

haha! you are funny :) If you switch over to HTML when are done writing the post, insert that code, then switch back, it will turn into the button!

So glad you linked up thought!

Also, I used to take my dogs to a doggy day care center that had webcam where I could watch them. And watch them I did. ALL DAY.

Ashley said...

#3=SO me!!

Nicole said...

holy cow- I am the SAME way with laundry. and #1. and #2 when it comes to directions.

B said... so happy to hear im not the only one! this confessional stuff is fun!