Saturday, March 17, 2012


happy st. patricks day! russ and i went to the bar at 11am, which is why i am home and in jammies at 645 pm...just how i like it!  sorry about the lack of blogging. i am finding that having a real, full-time job makes it hard for one to read and write awesome blogs everything. im realizing that it is hard to balance chatting on the phone with the fam, going to the gym, hangin with russ, seeing friend and all other normal duties of an adult all while working. i know you all think i suck, but ive never done this before and it certainly is an adjustment. ill get the hang of it!

anyways.... here is some green soup for you! im belgian (hence B) and we love ourselves some leek so here is some leek soup i made....

traditional soup is potato leek, but i put other veggies in to make it more nutritious

this is the pre-cut leek from TJs. i like the green ends for soup, but other people claim they are inedible.

sautee everything

cut the leek in coins and add it in

add in some garlic

add in a potato

add some chicken or veggie stock

bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. cook until super soft. add herbs and salt to taste

puree to the consistency you like. (those are russ' hands in case you were thinking my hands looked awfully hairy and manly!)

jar and freeze. i eat some and freeze some. that way russ and i have a healthy dinner on hand if we need one.

have a great weekend!
xo, B


C'est Law Vie said...

Yum, that soup looks great!! I've never had leek soup, I should try to make some.

Nicole said...

this looks super good- I can't wait to try it!

Brooklyn said...

Look at all that green! The soup recipe sounds delicious and very veggie (right up my alley! ha!) Yes, blogging, working, hanging out with frieds / family can be a challenge! I hope you stick with it because I love reading your blog!

Lindsay said...

I may have to get over my vegetable phobia and try this soup. :) Hope work is going well.

Ashley said...

I need to try this!!! Sounds like you're busy...but that's a good thing!!

B said...

@brooklyn- i totally thought of you when i posted this! im sure ud like it.

@lindsay, thanks so much!! did you get my email about bay area blogger meet up!?

@ashley, yea i think we are all busy these days and yes it is a good thing. i would much rather be busy!

thanks for your awesome comments ladies! :)

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love leeks, and I just noticed that they sell the cleaned version at Trader Joe's. I love anything that makes cooking a little bit easier:)