Tuesday, March 13, 2012

girls night in

i have a group of girlfriends from high school i am still really close with and love dearly. sadly we are kind of scattered (1 in canada, 1 in SF, 1 in Sacramento, 2 in LA and 1 in our hometown) and we are all busy so it is hard to get together.  however, Christina moved to SF about two months before I did.  We haven't seen each other yet since i moved here (except when we randomly ran into eachother on the bus....like a cool local would do!;) but tonight she came over to hang and make pizza.

i often buy pre-made dough from TJs because its super easy and its awesome. however, the 5 minute drive after work just seemed like too much effort yesterday(im spoiled because i used to live directly next door to one). SO instead, i decided to make some pizza dough last night with my kitchenaid since i never use it.  it was sooo incredibly easy to make and it tasted delish.  here are some pics...

this was our giant veggie pizza before we cooked it. unfortunately there are no after it was cooked pics because i got so excited to eat it that i totally forgot...oops!

me and christina back in high school...WOW blonde hair and chubby cheeks!

me and some of the girls 2 years ago wine tasting in monterey
(jaclyn, jess, me, christina)

cheers to girls night!
xo, B


Brooklyn said...

I love a fun girls night in!

Lindsay said...

Girls nights in are the best!

Ashley said...

Love a good girls' night...(in and out)! The pizza looks delish!!

B said...

thanks lady! maybe one day we can all have a ladies night of our own!

Anonymous said...

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Megan said...

JEALOUS of this get together. i miss my christina so bad.