Thursday, March 1, 2012

best rainboots ever!

Obviously it rains a lot in SF.  Everyone warned me of that, but I came prepared.  For Christmas Russ got me these boots for SF.

These look like normal, leather flats boots (thats what I thought they were when I first saw them)!

But in actuality they are rubber rainboots (just like wellies)

They are so great because they are rubber, waterproof rainboots, but they look super cute and normal so you can wear them to the park for a walk or out to dinner on Friday night.  Plus they have a little bit of flair! Who doesn't love a hint of red!?

I have "regular" fun rainboots too, but the black ones are good when you don't wanna look like you're wearing rainboots.  My mom got me these...aren't they amazing? (no you're eyes are not going out...this picture is blurry...oops!)

B&B love them too because it means they get to play in the park in the rain (post walk lounging).  Notice I put blankets all over the couch and the rug so they don't get mud or water on our new couch (yes I am a little crazy, but I love this couch!)


Brooklyn said...

Love those black rain boots - too bad I can't really justify buying a pair because it never rains here! HA - I would cover my furniture and rugs too!

Nicole said...

i am the SAME way with my dog and the furniture!

B said...

haha yea no rain does make it harder to justify boots! haha glad to know im not the only one who tries to protect the furniture!